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    I raced in the Wellington Harbour Capital 10k yesterday.  My previous PR was 47.19 but I'd recently broken that in a half marathon so was very hopeful of a PR.

    Despite a howling gale, and stupid cold rain I decided on a just singlet and shorts - well how cold can you really get - approach to the race. It turns out when you have to wait on the start line for 10mins, the answer is really very cold indeed.

    So I started really cold, and what I thought was likely too fast. But its really hard to tell when you are that cold. So I just went with it. Km1 - 4.14 - eeek. Km2 - thinking I'm going to die on my ass - but 4.14 again. OK then. By 5k I'd slowed a little bit but decided maybe I wasn't going to die after all. 21.19 - a 36second 5k PB! 

    At the turnaround I still felt amazing. So I just kept pushing. One of my friends who now lives down in Dunedin and had come back for the race came past me and I just chased her as hard as I could. I didn't catch her but the rest of the race just flew by and the finish arrived before I even realised! Time on my watch was 42.53. Chip time 42.50. Unbelievable. A 4.29 PR 

    By the way despite an immediate hot shower after finishing, followed by a coffee and a steak sandwich, it still took me 4+ hours to warm up again!

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      thats great !! a new 10k PR always feels good and usually means that you are ready to go after a new 5k and Half marathon PR as well. 


      have fun.

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        WOW! Great job.

        Run until the trail runs out.

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          Great job, especially in those conditions!  I know what you mean about taking hours to warm up after a race.  I did a 10k in cold rain and wind once too, in 3/4 running tights and a singlet, and boy, was I cold afterwards!

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            fantastic!    all those other pr's will be falling like dominoes
              Mandy, congratulations on your 4:29 PR. Savor it!

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                good job mandy, that is motoring!!

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                  Km1 - 4.14 - eeek. Km2 - thinking I'm going to die on my ass - but 4.14 again. OK then. By 5k I'd slowed a little bit but decided maybe I wasn't going to die after all. 
                  I LOVED this!  Way to go Mandy!  That is a MONSTER PR girl!  Congratulations!

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                  Run like a kid again!

                    Great job.  I think there is nothing better then running in the cold.  The first mile always flies by because you are just trying to get warm. 


                    Awesome job!!

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