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    I just went for a five miler with BOTH my kids. My 23 year old daughter has been running for about a year and I ran an 8k race with her a month ago. Now my 19 year old son has started and today we did 5 miles together for the first time. As he show signs of being quite talented and I set all my PR's before he was born, this was a significant moment in my running life. Yippee Charlie
      How nice! It must be a great, warm feeling to be able to share that part ofyour life with your kids. Smile

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        Wow - that's really awesome, Charlie!
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          I can't wait until I can run with my son! He's 5.5, now, so I'm guessing in another 5 or 6 years he could safely run with me for at least a few miles. Plus he will likely be pretty tall, so I'd feel safe running with him. He already wants to bike with me, but he doesn't go very far before he tires out. k

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            I look forward to long runs in the park and on the trails with my kiddos. Right now they are running less than a mile. But one day they will run further and faster than I do.
              That's great Charlie! My oldest is 7 and I also plan on running with him this summer. Sharing running with family members is the best feeling!

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                I enjoy running my kids. I have 1 4yr old and a 1 1.5 yr old. the 4yr old rides his bike and I get to push the 1.5 yr old. the kids like it a lot too.

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                  That's awesome. Running with the kids is the best. I'm happy they want to run, and I'm really happy that they aren't "too cool" to be seen running with mom. Big grin


                    VERY COOL Charlie!!

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                      I look forward to the day my daughter might think I am cool enough to run with. She's only 3.5 months, so I think we'll focus on crawling for now... I used to run with my dad when I was a kid. I did my first 10K with him at 10. I still treasure the memory of that day. So, does he. The picture of me at the finish, and the two of us afterwards still hangs in his study.

                        My dad is my favorite running partner. Smile We run and race together whenever we can.

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                          My son is almost 9. He ran for an entire hour durning the local ACS Relay for Life. He and I will be running together for the first time in an official race (5K) this Saturday. Although he does come to work out with me quite often, I am pretty excited that he and I will be running as Father and Son in the race.