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    Confused I am new to this website and the online logging, but I am enjoying it!!! (feel free to look at my log, but i just started logging this week so it's scarce) I do have a question for some experienced runners out there...I have been running seriously since February, and have done a few 5ks. I am wondering if it would be too soon for me to think about doing a half marathon December 1st...the St. Jude HM in Memphis. Please let me know your thoughts! I know it will be alot of hard work, but I really think that this is something that I can accomplish. I run 4 days a week, 4-5 mile runs, outside. I live in a hellacious hilly neighboorhood as well, so I don't know if that gives me bonus points or what... Tongue How long did you guys train before doing your first half? And do you know of a good training program I should use?
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      December is plenty of time to train for a 13 mile race. You need to start building up your base a bit more first. 4-5 mile runs are fine; but you will need to start adding longer runs. My suggestion would be to start by running your normal 5 miles; then walk for 10 minutes then do another 2; then another 3, etc.. until you are able to do 2x5 miles. Then start cutting out the 10 minutes of walking. b

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        I started running late last March ('06) with the Couch-to-5k program and ran my first HM in late Oct. You can definitely run your first HM in Dec. I started logging here just over a year ago, so feel free to look at my log to see what my progression was like. I've always been pretty careful to not increase my mileage by more than 10% from week-to-week. BTW, nice to have you here. Feel free to come join the rest of us gals in the Ladies Locker Room (link below). Smile k

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          Defineitely doable! I really like Hal Higdon's training programs, but there are others out there, too. Take a look at Jeff Galloway's, too. Just take it easy adding distance to your long run, and listen to your body to lay off/back off when itr needs it.
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            Thanks! Ya'll have been alot of help to me! Big grin
            ~Sarah~ My 2008 Goals: Little Rock HM (just finish it :)) Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco 10/19/08 5k < 30:00>
              I started running Oct 06, and ran my first HM at the end of Mar07. So you've got plenty of time, as everyonen else has said. I used Hal Higdon's plan - worked great. Good luck.
                December gives you plenty of time to train for (and rock!) a HM.
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                  Definetly doable. If I can start running outside in June of a year and run a Marathon in November, you can definetly do a half!! Good luck and enjoy training!!

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                    That should be plenty of time. Smile I went from not running a step in years (plus having a baby and developing a heart condition) to running a sub-2:30 half marathon in 16 weeks. Find a good training program and stick with it. Consistency is key. Teresa
                      I started training in January for my 1st marathon (which is now in, gulp 6 days) using Hal Higdon's Novice plan. I had a pretty week base of about 10 miles/week prior, and had a hard time fully running 3 miles with hellacious hills.. However, about 2 weeks into my training, I got into a groove and haven't looked back since. I successfully ran a HM in April, with only 12 weeks of training under me. During that time, I had a couple long runs over the HM distance so going into the HM I was very confident. Now as far as the Marathon, I am not confident at all, although I do have a couple successful long 18 and 20 mile runs under me. But those were not easy. Maybe it is just a little stage fright and taper anxiety. Enough about me, I say go for it!!