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    Who all is getting running stuff for the holidays? I'm pretty set on all the big running stuff. I have newish shoes. I've had my Garmin 305 for at least a year. I'm really hoping someone will give me some socks. I love my Balega Hidden Comforts and I'm down to my last 2 pair. I don't know where I lose them.
    Ok, I'm a little bit bummed. I did not get my socks. In fact my wife, who is also a runner, didn't get me any running stuff. The only socks I got were dress socks. An old fraternity bud that I ran St.Jude HM with sent me a Nathan fuel belt and reflective vest. That was a surprise. I didn't expect anything at all from them. We take the kids to my parents this weekend for another late round of Christmas so maybe I'll get my socks from them.
      Ok, I'm a little bit bummed. I did not get my socks.
      I didn't get running socks either, and they were on my list! I'm bummed as well. Sad


      One day at a time

        I didn't get running socks either, and they were on my list! I'm bummed as well. Sad
        I got socks and a $30 running store gift certificate from my running partner! I got her a one-month membership to our local Y, just so she will suffer on the treadmill with me next month when the roads are too icy to run on. I'm hoping she will keep up the membership after that. Teresa
          New Sugoi Subzero tights, Marathon: the ultimate training guide (Higdon), Daniels' Running Formula (Daniels) and a gift certificate to a local running shop.

          I've got a fever...

            I got the Garmin Foot Pod that pairs with my Forerunner 305. So when I finally finish unpacking and can access my treadmill, I'll still have my Garmie to keep me company. I'm gonna run outside with it today on a known course and see how it does. It apparantly also has a cadence function, so it looks like I can use it while biking to get my RPMs. BTW, still only $29.99 at Amazon (70% off retail).

            On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

            Another Passion

              My second running life started in January 2007 after a multiple year layoff, and many additional pounds. I set goals throughout the year, and I finished my 2007 goals with the Philadelphia Distance Run (my first half-marathon.) I went from wheezing through 2 jog/walk miles at a 12:25 pace to finishing the PDR in 2:06:27... OK, a 9:40 pace may not seem like much to the "rabbits", but I felt pretty damn good about it. At any rate, meeting my weight loss and running goals was a bigger deal to me than I thought it would be. The last gift I opened on Christmas morning was my finisher's medal and race certificate that my wife had secretly stolen and had professionally framed. I had absolutely no idea that she had done this, and I guess my face told the story. I just didn't know what to say, so she said simply, "Well, it was a bg deal and I wanted you to have a nice reminder." Pretty cool gift, and a very cool wife. In 2008, I hope to have a framed companion on the wall with my first marathon finisher's medal.
              Jeff, that is SO awesome and SO very thoughtful of your wife... tell her I love her! Very touching (in a sentimental way, get yer head out of the gutter)! Congrats on an awesome year of accomplishments my running friend and here's to an even more successful 2008 that includes a marathon finisher medal! Cheers! Big grin

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                Thanks for the feedback and kind words, Rick and Doug. Much appreciated! I thought about whether to post this or not (guy thing - sentimentality put to words - YECH!) and I finally came to my usual conclusion - why not? If nothing else, it's a testimonial to all of the support, direct and absorbed from the background, that I've received from the good folks on this site. Best wishes to all for a sucessful 2008 - Happy New Year! Smile

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                  I got 2 UA sports bras, 2 pair of running shoes, and a new Nike watch---a good haul!!

                  Running safely

                    I got the book "Chasing the Hawk" (about Dr. Sheehan) and the video "Running on the Sun." David