RA Outage 2023-03-27 (Read 136 times)

eric :)

    Hi all,

    RA had a disk failure yesterday. For an unknown reason, it caused the server to lock up. After the data center did a hard restart, RA was still inaccessible due to a network configuration issue. The data center personnel was not following my instructions and was difficult to get hold of. After multiple requests for them to call me, and hours of waiting, they finally called early this morning. It took another 2 hours before we identified the problem. The fix was merely a few mouse clicks in the console.


    The good news is there is no data loss. The disk array is running in a degraded state until the failed drive is replaced. That means the system might be slower than usual.


    It might take a while to work through all the workouts that are queued up so please be patient. Thank you.


    eric Smile



      Thank you Eric!


        Thanks for the update Eric!

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          Thank you, Eric!

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            Thank you, Eric!



              Not so fast there on the 'no data lost'.  At this point, when I click on past workouts races there is no 'splits', 'graphs', or 'maps' data.  Maybe that will be restored later?


              Never mind!  I just went back again and now that stuff is showing.  Weird.


                Thank you!



                  Thanks for all you do, Eric.

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                    Thank you, Eric! It's working great now!


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                      Thanks, Eric! Smile

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                        Thanks Eric!

                        Just updated my subscription as well -- Thanks for all you do for us -- RA is the best!!

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                          Thanks for the update! I was having RA withdrawal!

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                            I appreciate you and all you do for us, Eric. Thank you for the update.

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                              Thanks for the update.