What are your 2013 Goals?! (Did you achieve 2012's Goals?) (Read 880 times)



    What are your Goals for 2013?  Did you achieve your 2012 Goals?




    My goal in 2012 was simply  to hit PR's on increased weekly and monthly mileage.  I have achieved that one.

    Also, to be able to run a Marathon with no walking.  That one was a fail (MCM), but was made up for by somehow being able to run the 31 mile entirety of a 50K race in December with no walking.


    My goals for 2013?  Run 2,013 Miles in 2013!  (About 40 Miles a week times 52 weeks?  A reachable goal if I stay healthy).  It is more than double the amount of miles I have ever done in a year, but my recent weeks of running seem to indicate this is an achievable goal.

    Also, to get a marathon done in the 4:15 or less range.  (PB so far is over 4:45:00.  Got to clean that up.) :-).

    Finally:  "The streak."  Run all 365 days of 2013.


    What are your Goals for 2013 and your 2012 Achievements?

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      I do not know if I set any goals for 2012, but if I did, I am sure I did not achieve them with the ankle injury I sustained in August.  But I am confident a full out return and I am ready to commit to running again.  18 hours of graduate level credits is a lot, but in the past four months I have put on 10+ pounds and definitely want to lose it.


      My goal for 2013 is to get back in shape and resume running.  I am not going to set a mile goal, but my main goal is to complete a marathon this year.  It is either going to be in May or October (or perhaps both!).  Looking at the Green Bay marathon or the Chicago Marathon.  I'll be on an internship assignment for three months and will have one day off each week, which I could dedicate to the long run for training.  But I know that I will be working Sunday's, so I'm not sure if I could run the Cellecom, but I'm sure I can get permission to miss one Sunday.


      2013 Goals:


      • Lose weight
        1st Goal: 160; Ultimate Goal 150  [This would mean losing 10-13 pounds and/or 20-23 pounds]
      • Train for and run my first marathon. 


        • Stay healthy -- DONE.
        • Run 2,000 miles -- DONE.
        • 5k: sub-19 -- not done (got to 19:28 in JUN, then switched focus to marathon).
        • Marathon (fall): sub-3:25 -- DONE.


        • 18:40 5k
        • Sub-39 10k
        • Sub-3 marathon (stretch, but I think it's reachable)

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          I didn't have any running related goals for the year, since I just started running in April.  My only goal for this year was to lose weight and get healthy, pretty much there with 87lbs lost.  Still more fitness to be had, and a lil more fat to lose, but overall I'm extremely happy with my progress.


          Goals for 2013:


          Stay healthy

          Run 2500 miles

          Sub-20 and Sub-19 5Ks (hoping to get my sub-20 tonight, if not then it'll come soon in 2013)

          Sub-1:30 half


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            I feel like a slacker compared to these other posts, but I did reach my goal of running 1,000 miles in 2012. Haven't even thought about 2013 yet... I have time, right?


            rather be sprinting

              Nice goals!


              My goal this year was to recover from surgery, injuries and illnesses, which I have done.  Yay!  Now, back to training.  My goals for this year are:


              1. Master the Snatch and Power Clean and work on my muscle imbalances.

              2. PR in the 400m (reach goal, sub-60) by doing several meets this spring and summer.

              3. Increase mileage to 35-45 by fall in order to train for the mile.

              4. Eat sensibly and get back to 15-18% bodyfat WITHOUT cutting out food groups or being nuts.  Also, don't go below 15%.

              5. MOST IMPORTANT: have a better attitude even if a race doesn't go exactly as planned.  Relax and trust my training instead of trying to meet impossible goals.

              PRs: 5k 19:25, mile 5:38, HM 1:30:56

              Lifting PRs: back squat 176 lb


                2012 goals


                still running in 2013 - almost there


                1000 miles - not even close


                2013 goals


                still running in 2014


                1000 miles


                Shed a few pounds. I added some while not running in 2012. I guess this also means that I have to eat a LOT less sugar.


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                  Dtothe2nd, you make me feel like a slacker, but your progress has been amazing Smile.

                  Butter Tart

                    My goals for 2012 were to run my first half marathon and to run 2200 km for the year. Both accomplished!


                    My main goal for 2013 is to run a half marathon in 2:00-2:05. I would also like to run at least 3000 km for the year.

                      Good stuff!


                      Man, I just saw Dtothe2nd's Monthly running mileage.  Holy crap, looks like an upward E-curve, very impressive!

                      PS.  See you at the "Beat the Ball 5K" as well, that is a great way to finish out 2012 I think :-)


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                        My only running goals for 2012 was to run 3000 or more miles.  I achieved that goal + 668 miles.  My left heel has been in pain though from all that running.  That was not one of my goals.  For 2013, I hope to rid my heel of that pain.   I wanted to drop down to 112 pounds in to 2012 but I only got down to 116 pounds.  I find it tough to lose weight in the Winter.  I'm at 124 now.


                          Dtothe2nd, you make me feel like a slacker, but your progress has been amazing Smile.


                          Thanks!  It's been a great year.  This time last year I couldn't have even imagined I'd be where I am now, it's amazing what's possible when you put your mind to it. Smile


                          Good stuff!


                          Man, I just saw Dtothe2nd's Monthly running mileage.  Holy crap, looks like an upward E-curve, very impressive!

                          PS.  See you at the "Beat the Ball 5K" as well, that is a great way to finish out 2012 I think :-)



                          Thanks!  I guess you could say I kind of ignored the 10% rule lol  But it's worked out well so far.  Looking to maintain around 50mpw but finally start bringing in some speed work.  See you at the race, definitely a great way to close out a fantastic year!


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                            2012 goal: Run a 100 mile race.  DONE!  Ran Javelina Jundred and finished!!!  YEAH


                            2013 goal: Streak -- run at least 1 mile every single day for 365 days.

                              Great job everyone!



                              PR at any distance (done 5k, 10k, 15k, 10mi, half, and full)

                              Run 1367 miles (done 1500.7mi)

                              Try something new (done competed in 2 duathlons)



                              1367 run, 1000 bike

                              finish a triathlon

                              have fun



                              GOOD LUCK!!

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                                My goal in 2012 was to complete my first marathon. I was able to complete the NJ Marathon in 4:12:30! This year my goal is to tackle the NYC Marathon.