Reevaluating goals for first marathon (Read 266 times)


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    Marathons are stupid.


    No matter how bad it hurts or light headed you are, you only get to back off if you pass out.

    I am fuller bodied than Dopplebock

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      Well, gee, that does sound tempting. I'm not kidding. Pain and I are buddies, it's just that I only know lactic-nightmare and climb-the-ladder-oxygen-debt. I don't really know the other guy.


      I will definitely be resurrecting this thread with a report the evening of May 25th.


      Sorry to hear about your stupid race mikeymike.... that's puzzling. Thankfully Buffalo is a *very* flat course.

      some call me Tim

        As promised, a report.


        Based on a couple of good M paced runs that were comfortable later on in training, I decided to kind of play it by ear on race day, keeping the 3hr pace group in sight where I could catch them if I was capable of putting together some 6:30s in the last 10k. Race day dawned perfect: Partly cloudy, 50 degrees, manageable humidity and wind in the single digits even on the waterfront.


        In the end, I ran 3:05:40. Out in 1:30:16, and returned in 1:35:26. After a first mile at 7 flat and keeping it easy, I stayed 400 yards off the 3hr pace group and when that pace continued to be comfortable, I decided to catch them. I ran with them till the half(nice guys), after which there's a gentle 1 mile incline and I elected to let them go a bit to keep things comfortable. I made some efforts to catch them after that and got close, but by mile 20 it was clear that I was *not* gonna have a hammer to drop. Nutrition and hydration were fine and form was still good, but quads were stiffening up and keeping pace was impossible, so I worked within my limitations. Around mile 23, a couple of guys from my running club came and ran me in and kept me from dropping off too much. I had a little surge left in the last quarter mile, but it's clear that sub-3 was just not in me. I still got a BQ out of it and am happy that bonking was never even a remote possibility.


        Thanks everyone for your advice. It really caused me to reevaluate my goals, and more importantly form an intelligent plan to adjust on the fly and before I got into a bad spot.


        Now I can't walk.