Has anyone run the Big D Texas Marathon? (Read 39 times)

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    I'm training for my first half and the Big D date falls in line with the end of my training plan.  However, I'm having 2nd thoughts about that race.  It's put on by Mellew productions, and I just ran a 5K by them a few weeks ago.  Neither my nor my husband's time was posted.  I emailed, and they said they would get back to me after some research.  It's a week later and no email.


    I went on to Mellew's Facebook page and there are many negative comments about their last half, the Tyler Rose. Not enough port-a-potties, not enough medals, missing times.  There are also posts about missing times from other races, along with comments about emails not being answered.


    I really don't want to spend the whole race worrying about if there's going to be a medal, or if they are going to have my time.  But there's not any others in the same time frame in my area.



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      I've never run the Big D before, but I have many friends who have.

      From what I've been told, it's a decent race.  Run it!  Enjoy it!

      Whether it's Mellow directing the race or anybody else, there's always the potential for challenges.

      For a race fiasco, do a google search of the 2011 Washington DC Hot Chocolate 15k run hosted by RAM racing.

      I bet that the Mellow race (Tyler Rose, your 5k, and the upcoming Big D) are rather mellow in comparison to other races that happen.


      With that being said, I can understand your concern.


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        Congrats on your progress!!

        Knowing that there may be issues and it's the only race in your time-frame, run it and forget about the "possible issues" ......

        Get pro-active and time yourself with a garmin (bought mine on eBay, soo less $) or with a stopwatch, or have someone time you.

        And just focus on the race.

        How often do you need to go? and medals are 'nice' but when you're not into the 'race' from the start, what's the point?

        It's the race event organizers who need to get their act together by listening to the feedback from past participants.

        If the race really does have on-going and unresolved problems regardless of the 'complaints,' then opt out of it.

        Races aren't cheap, and you should run them without being distracted.  Some races are not worth the $$ or worry, and besides longer training is always more beneficial for future races.  There are always races going on and traveling a distance to them can be part of the adventure!

        Good Luck with your decision!

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