Best Earbuds for running (Read 6455 times)

    Thank you to those who recommended the Yurbuds.

    I got my pair in the mail today and ran in them tonight. The worked perfect for me, never had to give them a second thought.


      I used to have the Sonys that mainesysadmin mentioned. A great cheap pair - not designed for exercise but they lasted me years.

      Then I moved on to the Sennheiser MX 75 that everyone is talking about. I love them, only problem is that there is no microphone (I listen to music on my phone, and would like to be able to answer the occasional call).

      Anyone have any good suggestions of earphones that would work well? The best I've found so far is the stock iPhone set, and they're only so-so.


        The best headphones for running are the Sennheiser MX85s for sure.  They are sweat proof, and they don't get yanked out of my ears when I jog.  I highly recommend them to runners. I got mine at Pod Buds





          Mine have gotten yanked out of my ears a few times.  Of course, I might have the wrong size pieces... and they give you no shortage of choices.


          Only headphones I know that require a webpage to teach you how to use them properly.


          (actually, I like mine just fine... and I bought them based on recommendations I read here.  I just think that in an effort to be customizable and get great fit, they are overly complicated.  Plus the uneven wires and the little plastic clippy thing which apparently is really damn useful)


          Emily W.

            Hands down, the best earbuds or iPod headphones for running are the new ZIPPEARZ sports ear buds. These ear buds are comfy - they come with 3 sizes of ear gel pads so they won’t fall out. There is also a detachable ear loop that fits over your ear, which means that you can actually run and get sweaty without worrying about your ear buds falling out. I have found that these jogging headphones are by far the sturdiest, most comfortable earbuds for running that deliver amazing sound. I cannot stand the feeling of damp, slippery headphones (ew!), and so far, these ZIPPEARZ sports ear buds have been the only sports headphones that actually stay in place while I jog.


            Hope this helps! I have discovered that anything that helps to pump me up for a run is a good thing. Music is my best motivator Smile


              I only get away with the ones that actually push in your ear and have replaceable rubber ear buds which means you can pick the ones that suit your size. I found it surprisingly hard to find those in combination with "over the ear hooks". I did come across the Philips SHS8100/28 which for me fit perfectly and I managed to pick them up for only £15...

                Groupon today is offering Groove Hanger Bud Headphones by Skullcandy for $8.  I don't know whether they're any good for running or anything.  Cheap, though.  No linky, 'cause it's tagged for me.



                Before the invention of headphones, ears could only be ornamented with studs, pendants, and cumbersome Christmas lights. Add a more comfortable luster to your listening-parts with today's Groupon: for $8, you get a pair of Groove hanger bud headphones (a $19.99 value) including shipping (an average $4 value) from 2XL, a division of Skullcandy (a $23.99 total value).

                Groove hanger bud headphones caress cochleae with dynamic acoustic range and adorn ears with striking styles available in seven distinct color patterns, such as the all-black snake eyes and the striking red, green, and white nuevo sonido. Active grip hangers perch the wee speakers on cartilage cliffs, bathing listeners with personal tunes, podcasts, and pre-recorded reminders to wear pants. A cord just shy of four feet in length lends plenty of slack for inner-jacket wiring.

                Part of Skullcandy's stylish headphone family, 2XL designs its products to deliver quality performance while accenting individual style and beautifying humankind's cranial pencil holders.


                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                  I got tired of the earbud wires getting caught on everything so I went with wireless earbuds. Sony makes some nice ones and they come with a bluetooth adapter if you don't have one on your phone. It's pretty easy to link up to your phone. here's a tutorial



                    Does anyone here wear the Sennheiser PMX680s with glasses? It'll be a while before I can go back to contacts, and I find that my glasses interfere quite a bit with some of these designs.

                    Marry Chen