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    How soon can you run after eating without a problem? I've run two hours after eating and still felt yucky as I'm used to running on an empty stomach. Sometimes I am needing to run after the kids are in bed but I need to eat dinner before that. For anyone that eats before running, what works for you?

    Also,is it dangerous to run right after eating?


      I used to feel sick to my stomach when I ate anything closer than about 2 hours before a run.  But over time, I've trained myself to tolerate more food out of necessity.  For me, it really has been about finding out what I can eat.  For example, I can do bready stuff - bagels, fig newtons, sports bars - with no problem.  So, that's pretty much what I have before every run along with some coffee and maybe some Nuun.  But, I can't do dairy or anything really rich or spicy.  My stomach hurts just reading about people who eat cereal or yogurt pre-run.  And, I pretty much avoid TexMex and Thai while I'm marathon training all together.  I can do fruit, but I feel like it makes me feel hungrier during the run.  But, I'll eat a banana before a marathon because it provided more variety than eating two bagels.

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        If it is going to be an easy run, I can pretty much finish the meal, tie my shoes and go out the door.  I'm going to feel a little sluggish those first few miles, but not a big deal.  My heart rate actually runs a little higher right after a meal by a couple beats, I'm assuming that it is because of the energy being spent on digesting.


        On a workout like intervals, tempo, etc. I typically try to wait at least and hour or two before running.


        When I first started running a couple years ago I couldn't jog a mile on a full stomach.  I guess I'm just getting used to running and have adapted.

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          3 hours is best, two will work.  And the meal before running needs to be pretty much carbs, no dairy, and lowish fiber.  Last night I knew I was going to run in the evening, so I just had a peanut butter sandwich around dinner time, went for my run a couple hours later, then came back and had a salad and some yogurt.  So I had sort of half a dinner before my run, the rest later.


            Interesting. So it sounds like I should be able to train myself to be able to eat and run soon after.


              I think it really depends. I prefer to run on an empty stomach if it's in the morning. But if I really have to eat something, then I'd eat something lighter than my regular breakfast at least 3 hours before running.


              howervwr, Most of my training runs are in the evening. If I eat lunch at 11 am then I can run at 5 or 6 pm. If I eat lunch at 1, I'll feel it if I run at 5 or 6 Pm.

                Interesting. So it sounds like I should be able to train myself to be able to eat and run soon after.


                Maybe. 75% of my first year of running was: rush home from work, eat dinner with the family, get dressed and go run. I started the habit of keeping Tums in a zip-lock bag tucked in the pocket of my water bottle holder. These days, I prefer nothing or something small. I just check my tum supply before running after too much food.

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                  I usually wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after a normal or lifght meal before starting out. After a big, heavy meal, it needs to be 3 or 4 hours. However, I can eat small bites during very long, hard runs and in ultramarathons. Many people get used to running soon after eating, but not everyone does. And no, it is not dangerous to run, even hard, right after eating, but you might feel bad, get stomach cramps, gasp for air, or just throw up. You can try eating half your portion at dinner, and eat the other half after the run, or skip dessert.

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                    There is no way I could eat a "normal" dinner and then run.


                    For marathons I'll have something solid about two hours prior...bagel, poptarts...not much and that's it.


                    If I'm running after work it happens before I have dinner.


                      If it's a normal meal, I need to give it at least two hours. That, and I need to hit the bathroom before I head out. Otherwise, it's usually going to be trouble right around the 4-5 mile mark. Since I'm not a morning runner, I had to do this all summer long to avoid running in the dead heat of the evenings.


                      On race mornings, I eat very light. I try to load up the night before to avoid having to eat too much in the mornings. Half a bagel with cream cheese, a banana, and a nutrition bar is usually the extent of my morning eating.

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                        the times I have had to run after dinner, I've felt like I was going to throw up and like I was havng reflux all at the same time. I waited an hour and a half after dinner, but I think I either need to eat lighter/less or wait longer!

                          think about ultrarunners who eat a sandwich or bacon, mid run. i just ate four ribs, pasta and corn, and am about to go for a run. If i survive I will log in later because I'm intrigued about others responses


                            I usually run 1.5 hours to 2 hours after eating breakfast.



                              rush home from work, eat dinner with the family, get dressed and go run.


                              I've done my share of this. I've found that you can acclimate if you keep at it.

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                                I prefer 3 hours. Race mornings start awfully early (esp w a 5:00am start) ...


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