Abdominal Muscle Cramps (Read 275 times)

    I hope I'm using the right terms.  Based on The Google, a side stitch is supposedly higher up, just under the bottom edge of the ribcage.  What I'm talking about are muscle cramps lower down: no higher than beltline and usually lower.  They don't seem to be in the same place all the time or even the same side, although I think I get them more on the right than left.


    I've noticed that over the last few weeks, I'm getting at least slight cramps on one side of the other.  In a handful of runs, they've blossomed into actual cramps of greater or lesser severity.  Typically not bad enough to do more than annoy me or maybe force me to slow down a little and belly-breathe/exhale through pursed lips (a la Dick Buerkle).  Until today, when one hit 2/3 of the way through a race, and it was severe enough that I could not hold race pace.  As I type this some 20 hours later, my abs still hurt there.


    Any tips to resolve this issue?  (Not the current soreness, but getting them in the first place.)  I'm not super-diligent about it, but I've been trying to do planks/pedestals twice weekly. I work a desk job, if that factors in at all.

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      Core work, core work, core work.  I was starting to have this problem a few months back, too, on my longer runs.  Finally realized I needed to do something about it when it screamed at me on a tempo.  I'm not sure exactly which workout I do that helps, but I try to do rotations of: crunches, leg push aways, planks, staffs, side hovers, back extensions, supermen, and Swiss ball bridges.  I think the variety helps go a ways towards keeping my core and supporting muscles strong, and the issues have resolved for me.


      Good luck getting it resolved, Clive.

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        The only time I had cramps like that was after eating too close to the race (pancakes 90 minutes before).

        Never did that again, and haven't had a cramp since.