Exporting Runningahead logs (Read 139 times)


    I just recently started using rubitrack and wanted to export my data (many years of data) from runningahead there . However, it seems RA exports only in tab delimited and xml formats, which were not readable in rubitrack. Rubitrack requires one of the following formats:


    TCX (Garmin Training Center)
    FIT (Activity, Weight)  
    Sporttracks FITLOG (Activities)  
    Sporttracks LOGBOOK (Athlete Log)  
    Nike+iPod XML  
    NMEA GPS Log  
    Polar HRM  
    Polar polarpersonaltrainer.com XML  
    Suunto SDF  
    Suunto Movescount XML  
    Trainingpeaks/Peaksware PWX  
    MotoACTV CSV


    Could you please tell me any way to export RA data in one of these formats?


    best regards,


      Sorry, can't help though I'm surprised rubitrack can't import RA's xml export.

      Suggestion:  http://www.rubitrack.com/support.html