NYC Marathon Runner Tracking (Read 353 times)

    I was hoping to ask all you NYC Marathoners to put up your bib # so we could track you on race day. 

    however, they are charging $2.99 to track runners? Does any other race do this? Seems like they sure to make a ton of bank on this race. 

    Sorry - but I'll pass...


    Anyway - I'll be watching and cheering you on! Can't wait to read race reports...


    Go get yours!


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      Yeah, that blows.  However, you can track people via the web:

      TrackMyRunners via Web

      On race day, domestic and international spectators will be able to track up to five runners simultaneously on the web. No pre-registration is required, and the service is free. Available on race morning..

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        Thanks for the encouragement!


        I plan on posting my finish time as soon as I finish with race report to follow soon after.  But, if anyone wants to track me, feel free to send me a PM.  I'll probably try to convince you to give me the $3 instead so I can apply that towards my post-race champagne fund, though.  Smile

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        My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

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          Same here.

          2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals


            NYRR charges for EVERYTHING these days.  Entering the lotto for the London Marathon = Free.  Not NYC.


            Soon they'll charge you to view their website.  Eventually they want 25 cents every time you say NYC Marathon.  That will quickly go up to a dollar, and ten years from now, it'll be a grand, just like the race will be.


            Crazy.  And I get almost DAILY emails from them asking for money for this or that run-charity.  Seriously, Fred Lebow is rolling in his grave.


            Annnnnnyway, aside from that rant, I'm bib 583.  I don't want anyone to pay to track me, but if you can do it free on the website, feel free.  Just don't belittle me if I fall apart!! 

            HTFU?  Why not!

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              Yup - they got my $$ for signing up for the lotto. 

              I just want to do the race once to do it. One and done. Way too expensive...


              Anyhow - you guys will be awesome. Can't wait to hear race reports! 


              I've got Philly in 3 weeks - so your excitement is contagious!!