Post Your Small, or Big, Victory For The Day! (Read 5843 times)

    New Half Marathon PR today.  Finished in 1:45:20.  Didn't quite break the 8min/mile pace I wanted, but I soundly beat my old PR of 1:53!
      awesome, spectacturly!

        Good job to everyone, big and small accomplishments, it all adds up! I ran my longest run ever today - 15 miles in 2:14:23! Only 11 more miles to go!! Yikes! (my marathon is in 4 weeks!)
          Been doing c25k on and off since June.  Hit the 5k mark yesterday 

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            Great job everybody!


            I've got nothing small or big to report.  Just slogging along and rebuilding base but this thread inspires me to keep on going!


              4 minute 10k PR today!    1:00:18 and Garmin and chip exactly the often does that happen? 


              But talk about going out too fast and falling apart...check out my splits...*snort*  I need to learn how to slow the "F" down while racing. 


              Type Distance Time Total Time Pace Avg HR Max HR Notes
              Interval 1 Mi 9:05:19 9:05:19 9:05:19      
              Interval 1 Mi 9:12:09 18:17:28 9:12:09      
              Interval 1 Mi 9:33:17 27:50:45 9:33:17      
              Interval 1 Mi 9:48:21 37:39:06 9:48:21      
              Interval 1 Mi 10:00:37 47:39:43 10:00:37      
              Interval 1 Mi 10:09:18 57:49:01 10:09:18      
              Interval 0.28 Mi 2:32:25 60:21:26 9:04:21


              Total Field place of 523 out of 1007.  No gender or age group breakdown on the race results. Just the entire field. Weird.


                congrats on the pr RFC!    too bad you dont live in the Seattle area.  just heard of a Nov. trail race called Mud & Chocolate where they have chocolate aid stations, chocolate medals, & drawings for ..... you guessed it, chocolate.  You could change your name to Runsforchocolate.  My small victory today was hitting the 30mpw again after sufferring what turned out to be a minor soleus tear on last mile of my 8k last Sat. (still had pr) took 2 days off & have been doing some treatment each day this week.  Was very concerned but appears to be ok afterall.  5 days to hit 30mpw, usually takes 6 days.
                  I just surpassed the 100 mile per month mark AND second week in a row of 30 plus for the week.


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                    Hit 91 miles this month.  That's the most since April 2008.  Between health issues and work, it's been a crazy year and a half.
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                      great job burnt!  same to you cs, & great consistency!   keep it up through fall & winter


                        My run last night put me at 101 miles for the month.  My first 100+ mile month ever.

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                          My run last night put me at 101 miles for the month.  My first 100+ mile month ever.


                          Nice one azredbirds052!


                          My run this morning took me to 108.6m miles for Septmeber my highest monthly total ever too!

                          .... and my fourth consecutuve 100+ mile month. Most consistent I have ever been. Woo hoo!

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                            I ran 100 miles in September, the first time I've done that since last October.  Now I just have to keep the miles going!

                              great job everyone!!,, whoo hoo


                              guess I'll have to throw my small victory into the hat as well.  Today's run put me over 100+ 3mths in row & Sept. (123.6) highest in my 2nd career as a runner.  I'll be 54 on Friday.  RA & this thread definitely motivating me.

                              she runs like a girl

                                On Sunday, I ran a PB in Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon by nearly 6 minutes!

                                And recently went over 1000 miles this year Smile

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