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    In the course of training for a HM coming up in April, I found out about a 15-mile race that is right in my back yard (about 10 miles of the course actually overlaps where I normally run my long runs). I am still iin the mileage building phase of my HM training so have done virtually no speedwork but think doing the 15-miler would be good motivation to sustain my winter training. I probably won't break any WR's but my current long runs are 16 miles so finishing the race is not an issue. I have not really been preparing for this distance or to race two weeks from now so I am just looking at this as a training run that I run harder than normal. With that said, I would really like to have a respectable showing since I am running with home court advantage. I was an avid runner many years ago but just started running consistently again this past June and have not done a lot of racing at distances other than 5k, 10k and HM. In terms of training, I have built back up to six days/week and average around 50-55 miles. Of that, I run one easy long run (16 miles) and one short hard long run (12 miles) each week. Does anyone who has raced at 15 miles have any last minute suggestions? Given the short time frame I can't really change my training schedule but any experience with this distance you could share would be useful. Should I run one last easy long run at 17 or 18 miles this week to continue to build stamina and leg strength or should I try to get in a few speed sessions? Any suggestions on whether and how much to taper for a 15-mile race? For HM's, I only cut out one run and decrease the length and intensity of workouts at the end of race week. Also, any suggestions on race pace for this distance? Should I just begin slightly slower than my last HM race pace and gradually increase? Or, should I go with a pace based on what I have been doing in my most recent hard 12 mile training runs? Eric
      If it were me, I'd do no taper and definitely no speed workouts for this race. I'd go out at a pace slower than half marathon goal (probably around marathon pace) and work down from there, trying to run the last 3 miles at or faster than half marathon goal pace.

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        I agree with Mikey -- I'm not an expert, but two weeks out seems too close to race to try out a few speed sessions. I've never run a 15 mile race (hell, I've NEVER seen a 15 mile race!), but I have done a couple halves, which is close enough, I think. I wouldn't really worry about tapering, since this is in the course of training for your April half. If I were you, I would do an easy shorter long run the weekend before the race (the 20-21 -- is that right?) --- 10-12 miles easy. This sounds like a good plan:
        For HM's, I only cut out one run and decrease the length and intensity of workouts at the end of race week.
        Good luck!
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          Thanks for the advice. I thought this distance was strange. I have run 15, 20 and 30k races and several marathons (quite a few years ago though) and have seen 20-milers but a 15-miler was new to me as well. Anyway, it fits nicely timewise into my HM training program and will give me a gauge on my progress to this point. My plan will be to run an easy 16 miles once this week and an easy 12 miles next Sunday. Then during race week (the race is Sunday the 28th), I will stick to my normal schedule but at a little slower pace. I will probably take Friday and Saturday off. In terms of pace, I'll take your advice and go out slightly slower than HM goal pace and see how I am feeling when I get to 11 or 12 miles.