Sharp Pain in Quad after a week off of running (Read 93 times)

    Hi all


    I went on vacation early in June and forgot to pack my running shoes, I took it as a sign to take a break and didn't run the whole ten days we were out of town. i slept in, rested alot, and figured my body needed the rest and when I got back I would have a hard week back into it, but then would be fine.


    I did have a hard week back, but I thought I was smart, I ran under thirty miles the first week back and even took walk breaks as I felt I needed them. I had the expected soreness in my legs, particularly my quads. Over the weekend instead of a typical twelve to fourteen mile run, I took it easy and only did eight (see, I was being so smart!)


    On Monday morning I got up for my run and my legs had been feeling fine, a little soreness left, but overall I felt great. Until I took my first running step, I had an incredibly sharp pain deep in my right side quad, i limped for about a half mile until it loosened enough that i could run - very easy - for about five miles. This morning i had to run on my treadmill and with the first step the sharp pain announced itself, but instead of running on it, I just gave up and went back to bed. It doesn't take much to make me stop running on the treadmill.


    Having no problems going up and down steps, doing normal daily things, in fact, not even really that sore, so not sure what I should do about this, continue to rest it? or run through it? i am not one to stretch after i run, but on Saturday after the eight miles I did some light stretching while i was chatting with my friend.




      I hear you saying that your legs felt achy/slow after 10 days off, but that has suddenly changed to a sharp pain deep in the muscle with no apparent reason.  Any swelling/tenderness?  My first thought was whether your trip back home was a really long drive or flight where you were immobile?

        yes, long two days in the car on the way home


          Even before the sharp pain you now have, its a bit surprising to me that you'd feel that sore.  I say that given a relatively light week (for you) of nothing but easy running with walking breaks.  Keep in mind that I'm a random dude on the internet, but have you considered this could be a DVT?

            DVT? like a blood clot? There is no swelling or tenderness, but I do have a genetic thing where my blood clots easily. I had to be on blood thinners when i was pregnant, but otherwise it doesn't affect me. I guess I will give my doctor a call, thanks!

              By all means, get it checked; it's pretty simple, they'll probably use ultrasound.  I have an associate who is young and fit, yet he had a DVT/PE not too long ago.

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                i have never had an issue before with blood clots, but i am heading to the doctor tomorrow to get it checked out, hoping that it is just a pulled muscle or something, but don't want to be stupid about it either and take an unnecessary chance. Pain is still there today, have tried to take a few running steps around the house and it flares up immediately, but doesn't bother me otherwise. so wierd

                  with my family history and recent traveling my Dr went ahead and ordered an ultrasound but thankfully, no clots were found, perfectly normal. Doc says I just pulled a muscle in my quad and rec ice, heat, and ibuprofen Smile and of course, rest....another week off. At this point I can't run the pain is so sharp, so I guess another week of rest is in the cards and my half marathon this fall is probably going to end up being for fun instead of a goal race  Sad

                    Good to hear it's not serious.  Still sorry you have to deal with the pain/annoyance.  Hope it goes away soon.

                    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                      Sorry about the setback, but glad to hear its nothing more serious.  Hope to hear that you are back out there soon.

                        Unfortunately pain has increased during my week of rest, heading to see a sports PT this week   Sad  not sure what is going on, leg feels perfectly normal for almost all daily activities, it is only the push off running motion that seems to streak pain up my leg, but as the week went on i have been noticing that it is aching up and down steps and if i walk around the block with my kiddos....maybe part of the healing process? hopefully it's not getting worse!

                          Maybe a nerve irritation?  Possibly in your hip or spine?  I'm just taking stabs in the dark, of course.  Hope whatever gremlins are stabbing your quads go away soon.

                          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                            thanks, I did ask my chiro her thoughts, but she says i look fine as far as she is concerned


                              Hi Christirei - I've been having the exact same problem you describe with sharp pain in my quad, and it's only gotten worse with more rest.  In fact, it ruined my Boston Marathon race this year.  Pain started at mile 8 and it was a dreadful race from then on.  So were you able to figure out the issue and get it resolved?  If so, what was the issue and how long did it take to heal?