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    I know many of you know I'm nursing a sore hamstring. I'm hoping to start training again on Monday the 3rd, at the moment I'm biking everyday. Starting on Monday would give me 14 weeks to train which slightly worries me becaues I know my body is very sensitive to increasing mileage and I'm worried that 14 weeks won't be enough. Also, I ran for about 30 seconds this morning and can still feel the discomfort in my hamstring. It's not a pain at all, just something that doesn't feel right. If I call and cancel, I will be given a spot automatically next year since St. George is a lottery marathon. I guess if it gets to be that I only have 12-13 weeks of training, I will probably not be able to do it. I guess I'm looking for some kind of sympathy because I was so excited to train and run this marathon and now I'm starting to see it as I might not be able to do it. I miss running and I'm so frustrated that this injury will continue to plague me. I've read in different forums of people who have similar symptoms and they don't get better. Any advice, similiar situations, etc. that anyone wants to share would be greatly appreciated.
      Hey, Abbie. How frustrating and disheartening! Black eye Sad I was wondering how your hammy was doing! You may be right that next year would be a better time. That's really nice that they let you automatically get in next year! Is there maybe a shorter race you could aim for around that time period as a kind of consolation prize? I'm thinking 5-10K, not half-marathon - that way you can ease back into things rather than trying to hop onto a vigorous "program" and risk reaggrivating it. Or how about a short run/bike duatholon? You're already biking - why waste the training? Just a thought.

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        THanks Wingz. I'm going to look into that today and tomorrow. There are quite a few races in Utah that I could run this fall. THere are actually a few half marathons that I would love to do but like you said, I probably need to stick with something with fewer miles so that I don't overdo it. It is very disheartning. I haven't decided yet to run or not to run. I'll figure that out next week and the week after as I try to train again, but things just aren't feeling good.

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          Aww...I'm really sorry. But I think Wingz gives good advice (as always). Better to take it easy now than to cause serious, permanent damage. And if you are already guaranteed a spot next year, that's even more reason to hold off. Smile k

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            What is your current milage base? Before you got injured, that is.

              The longest I had run before I stopped was only 8 miles, weekly was 22 and I quit running about two weeks ago. I have been biking since then and run twice but that's all.

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                It is always tough to drop out of a race; I hate doing it. I think that your base may not be high enough for you to recover and get back up to where you can run a marathon in 3 months without risking injuring yourself. This is especially true given that you are injury prone, as you have said. The good news is that there are LOTS of other marathons out there. You want to make sure you can run for the, er, long run rather than in a given race or event.

                  Thanks for all of your help. I'll let you know how it goes.

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                    The longest I had run before I stopped was only 8 miles, weekly was 22 and I quit running about two weeks ago. I have been biking since then and run twice but that's all.
                    Sorry to hear about your injury, it definitely stinks when your training gets derailed. I'll have to agree with Trent that I don't think you have enough base to recover and be in race condition in enough time. Without a strong base of running consistent higher mileage (though you may be able to finish the marathon) you'd likely risk even more injury to yourself and really put you out of commission for the long run which in my opinion is much much worse than the situation you are in now. I'm not trying to be discouraging, but in my personal opinion, too many people rush into the marathon without giving it its due respect, by training properly. Luckily, a hamstring injury isn't as bad as other injuries. You should be able to get through it in the next week or two by keeping up with the cross training like biking and walking, even some very very very slow jogging will help stretch out the hammy and heal it up nice and good. Here's a good link for hammy recovery: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_5/226.shtml#hamstring I would maybe plan on some shorter races instead as Wingz suggested. 10k would be good. Just keep gradually building up so that you will be in real SOLID shape for next year's marathon. Of course that's just my opinion, I'll back you on whatever you decide. Good luck! Matt
                      Sorry to hear we won't see you at SGM. As hard as that is for you (for any runner Smile), it's probably the smartest thing. If your hamstrings are not well, SGM will exact a heavy toll on them. Don't know if you can make it or not, but there is a marathon, half-marathon, and 10K at Valley of Fire state park in Nevada, just an hour south of St. George. The date is Saturday, November 18. It is a beautiful course, and the 10K may be perfect for you at that time. The website is www.valleyoffiremarathon.com. Also--since you can't run SGM, have you thought about volunteering at the finish line or something? That way, you get to participate in the experience, and get a real feel for what the race atmosphere will be like when you run it next year.
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                        Thanks for the run info about the race in November. I'll definitely have to check it out and what an even greater idea about volunteering at the finish line!! I will definitely look into that. Thanks for the support and wonderful ideas!