New Years Eve Midnight 5k in Philadelphia (Read 154 times)

    you know that bridesmaids dress you have in your closet?


    the one she said "you can always wear again!" ?


    Well this is when you can wear it again


    Race starts at the stroke of midnight on New Years


    ( limited open bar starts at 10PM )


    sweatshirts to all preregistrants


    cash award to top man and woman finishing wearing eveningwear ( tux, prom dress, bridesmaids dress etc


    at Dave and Busters Franklin Mills Mall, Dave and Busters also has bowling lanes and arcade for the kids and non-partying family members







    Healed Hammy

      I have this on my radar screen.  Looks to be a fun night, good safe course to run on in the dark, really fun place to keep all busy, good group of people.  Now if their can only be a babysitter forum to occupy the kiddies, I would be all in!  Will consider the non-partying aspect and talk to DW.

        I don't have kids of my own yet so I don't always think along those lines.

        BUt it is a good time, and it's been way smaller than it should be... help me spread the word...


        sign up a group of 4 or moreMonday ( from Midnight sunday to midnight going in to Tuesday, ) and save $5 each!