Guys-What are your favorite cold weather running pants? (Read 835 times)

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    Last night it was about 24 and I was quite comfortable in my old pair of Hind pants. They are 10 years old and my go to base layer.

      I have a pair of Mizuno tights that have been fine in the coldest weather I have run in yet, around 10F.  I also have a pair of Stoic wool tights (brand name escapes me at the moment) that are a bit more baggy.  I may wear the wool over the Mizunos when it gets really cold.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

        I've got Gore-tex rain pants that I cut down to shorts- I wear them down into the low 20's without any trouble -they are pretty windproof plus waterproof.  I wouldn't add long underwear unless it got down in the teens.


          nike perfect track pant


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            Wow.  I wear shorts well down into the teens.  When it drops below 10 degrees or if there's ice falling I'll consider putting on a pair of 15 year old running pants.  Otherwise shorts it is.  I've worn shorts on runs down to around 0*F.



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              I still run in sweatpants.

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                Tights.  I wrestled eons ago so tights aren't necessarily evil.  Tights with shorts over the top for the pockets.  Yeah.  That's it, the pockets.  Big grin


                I run in wind and rain almost all the time in late fall, winter, early spring, and I like how my regular tights wick the rain off the skin and help keep you warm and more comfortable.  Pants don't seem to do that as well.


                When the temps get colder, in the low 30's and below, i have a pair of Sugoi thermal tights which work pretty well at keeping me warm.

                  I used to be a big fan of Sporthills, but they are now harder to find and not the same quality as they were 10-15 years agon.


                  I now wear a pair of Sughoi running pants.  They are tapered and more form-fitting than your baggy sweatpants and synthetic so they do not turn into sponges.  Smile


                  I have a pair of Sporthill long pants that are tights-style but not really 'tights'.  Just the slightest bit baggy.  I haven't worn them since I moved to California 16 years ago but they are still in my drawer faithfully awaiting my command.  I used to wear them on the rare cold spells we would get in Austin, TX.  They had stirrups on the bottom so they stayed put at the bottom.   I'd try to get another pair of those if was in cold-weather country.

                  Purple Toes

                    I tend to get very warm when I run so I stick with shorts until temps get below 30°. Colder than that and I wear running tights (Under Armor or Reebok) and wear shorts over if needed. Today temps were in the teens and w/ the windchill it felt like 0° and I was plenty warm w/ the tights/shorts combo.  When the temps really dip low and/or it's extra windy then I may add a pair of pantyhose type tights under the running tights and that seems to work well.


                      UnderArmour Frosty compression tights for me. Love them.  I wear them at about 40 and on down, but by the teens, I'm adding a pair of compression long shorts because my thighs and butt get cold.  And once it's down to 0, I add a big, thick, bulky ol' UA pant.  It's not one they make any more, and its fabric is outdated.  You can get a lot more protection (temp, wind, moisture) for less weight.  So I'm looking for something else.  


                      Someone mentioned the North Face Windstopper Hybrid and I’m considering it.  I have their Flight Series Windstopper jacket, and I adore it, so I’m probably game for their pant.  But I've never seen it in any retail store, and I've not had good luck ordering blind online, so I haven't done so yet. UPDATE: I went and looked at it again online.  $130--holy crap, yeah, that's why I haven't been willing to order it blind. 


                      PurpleToes: Wearing a pair of pantyhose tights is a fantastic idea. I don't know why the heck I didn't think if it myself. 


                        Wow.  I wear shorts well down into the teens. 


                        Being in Georgia, the coldest run I've ever had was in 20 degree temps, but shorts were fine for me.  I don't really have any dedicated cold weather running gear, it's all improvised: ski glove liners for moderately cold runs, motorcycle gauntlets for really cold ones.  My jacket is a casual windbreaker.  If it gets really cold, I'll wear a wool collared shirt with the collar pulled up underneath the jacket.


                        i need some earmuffs, but I say that every year and never get them.


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                          Asics Myles II: hard to beat the price, they'relightweight, reasonably breathable and wind-resistant, and no static cling in dry winter conditions.


                          But I run much more in my CW-X tights than any running pants.

                           Second the asics myles II.  And really make my legs look great (according to DW).

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