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    I have just 182 miles to go before hitting 1000 for the year. That's by far a record for me, I think my previous best was about 500. My original goal was 1000kms, which is about 20 miles a week, but my mileage really increased once I started training for my first marathon, Bay State, which I completed in 3:42 (with perfectly even splits). After a few easy weeks I'm ramping up the mileage again and I need about 25-30 per week for the rest of the year to hit 1000. A quick note about the marathon - I think I'm more proud about the 12 weeks I spent training than the race itself. I tend to be unfocused and have a hard time following through on things, but when I stood at the starting line completely confident that I would not only complete the race, but do it in a respectable time, it was a feeling that I don't often experience. So many times in my life I've been scrambling at the last minute to prepare, or feeling the ill effects of not having prepared enough, so it was nice for once to have put in the work ahead of time and just enjoy the race. Definitely a lesson I will try and apply to all areas of my life. Anyway, you are all an inspiration to me and I love reading about your challenges/successes and spying on your training logs. Keep up the hard work!
      Awesome job on your first marathon! Congrats to you for that, sticking to your training, and reaching a new mileage high for the year Smile

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        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.



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          Great job and nice time on your first marathon!


            Great Job!

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