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    On Wine BS: Some New Software


    [note: contains language unsuitable for some sensitive readers]


    [note: opens a a damn PDF file]

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      Link doesn't work for me.


      However, I am indeed "on wine" at the moment.

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      Not dead. Yet.

        That link didn't work for me either.  I think this is what Trent was trying to post.

        How can we know our limits if we don't test them?

        Queen of 3rd Place

          Ah, I see. Long gone are the days when the ratings descriptions were something along the lines of "90 - 100: superior; 80 - 89: tastes good" etc.


          My favorite flavor descriptor in a wine review, one that has me scratching my head more than a decade later, is "pencil lead". Like that's a good thing.

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