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Now that was a bath...

    Just had a physio appointment and they have cleared me to run again! She said to start with a 20 minute run today on the flat and if there is no pain or problems with my knee then I can gradually increase my distance over the next week until I am back where I was. If I have no further problems I can gradually start running on steeper inclines again (she said I will have trouble with the downhill not the uphill). She also said that if it flares up again then to return and they will do a more detailed bio-physical study. There is a possibility that I run without my left leg in correct alignment when descending hills. I've been told to monitor the position of my knee on the downward part of each stride when doing this and see if I notice any inward roll of the knee. She also said that there is some pitting on the cartilege of my left knee but that it shouldn't be an issue and that my Iliotibial band is slightly inflamed and swollen still, but that the band should not cause any problems either at this point. The physio (Michelle Booth) was great. She is physio to the New Zealand (and Auckland) Rugby League, but her knowledge of running was amazing. She recommended getting a book by Arthur Lydiard and to look at his training programs as she said he did amazing things for New Zealand's long distance runners and she thought he could get me where I want to be. I can't wait for my husband to get back from his physio appointment (yes they are still pampering him with back massages!) and then I can get my running shoes back on again! Claire xxx
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      Oh, Claire, what a great way to end 2006--I could not be happier to hear this news! You must be on cloud 9! Big grin k

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          Now that was a bath...

            Just did my first run and it went well. No pain in the knee at all! I iced it for 15 minutes afterwards like the physio said and it's fingers crossed that I don't have any problems in the next 12 hours. I tried to keep the pace slow and steady and was really surprised that my pace was 9:33. I really felt like I was holding back. I guess i'll try another 20 min run on the flat tmorrow and see how it goes. It felt great to be back out there. I forgot to say that i asked her if it was still possible to run in Waiheke on Jan 20th. She said that if my knee doesn't flare up again then it is possible. She thought though that one of my problems was that I trained appropriately for distance - but that the hills were a little ambitious. I could do it without injury if I were careful though. I guess i'll see how it goes and just be grateful that todays run went well. Claire xxx
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          • Where's my closet? I need to get back in it.
              That is a great news, Claire! What doctors say is important but the main thing is that you feel well enough during your runs. Just take it easy in the beginning even if every cell in your legs urges you to speed up. Ewa
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                Fantastic news. Congratulations. I had a feeling you wouldn't be sidelined for long.