Pace vs. MPH in Running Log (Read 153 times)


    For certain activities other than runs, I would like the log summary to post pace rather than MPH.  For example, I recently got a Bionic Runner (like an ElliptiGO but more like running) and I upload all my miles and splits, just like a run.  But after I edit it and change the activity from "Run" to "B-Run" it will no longer post my pace, just my MPH.   I looked in editing activities and it seems to default to MPH for any activity other than running.  Is there a way to change this?


      If you click where it says the MPH, it will switch to pace I think. It works that way at least in running

      eric :)

        Hi Magmason,

        Pace is currently available for running only.  I forgot about the pace/speed toggle that conorp1 mentioned.  I will add that back when I get a chance.


        eric Smile


          Thanks, Eric!  Highly appreciated, and I use this all the time.


            Hi Eric, any chance you can add an option for viewing pace instead of speed on the activity log?  I can toggle from speed to pace in "edit" mode, but when I view my splits I'd like the category for each mile to read the pace rather than the speed for my bionic runner.