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    As a relatively new runner, I developed Achilles Tendonitis in my right leg a few months ago. It got to the point where I had to take about 10 days off. After that layoff, it went away and the only symptom I still have is a bit of tightness first thing in the morning. I just bought a new pair of shoes a week and a half ago, and now I'm going through the exact same thing with the leg! Has anyone had this issue when getting new shoes? About the injury, it seems to be mainly in the lower part of my calf. Any suggestions about treatment (obviously ice/rest) would be appreciated.

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      I just bought a new pair of shoes a week and a half ago, and now I'm going through the exact same thing with the leg! Has anyone had this issue when getting new shoes?
      I was running in Evolution 3's when I developed achilles tendonitis. It took a long time to fully get over it, but I was able to get back to running after a couple weeks off, mostly by icing and stretching. Then I got custom orthotics with generous heel lifts and all was good... Until I switched two weeks ago to Brooks Beast 9's. Almost immediately I started to feel tingling in my arches, but I ignored it and kept running in them. Then exactly two weeks after getting them I started to feel tendonitis pain. I exchanged them and the salesman felt that they were supporting my arches in the wrong place which led to the tendonitis. I'm going to take a half a week off of running, ice it like crazy, and then see how it feels. Hopefully it's just a mild case, and going back to Evolution 3's will fix this problem.

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        Try a sports massage or for recurring problems a Foam Roller

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          I can definitely add a vote for massage helping calf issues. I had a tear in the soleus muscle last year that was hideous (I kept re-injuring it, so no running and little exercise at all for 10 weeks to heal). Once I got past the acute stage with the whole rest, icing, etc. routine, massage did wonders for getting me back on the road. It hurt at first - but it was a "good' pain, if you know what I mean. Take care and give it time. Unfortunately that's what helps the most.
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            Try the search function for more details. Lots of people have had this problem. As for my personal experience, I started back running in January after 8 monthes off. My left calf has been notoriously tight over the last few years when running. That seems to lead right into achilles tendonitis on my left leg. One thing I have noticed is that time off puts my tendonitis into "submission". It doesn't cure it. It just comes right back whenever I start running again. I do a lot of self massage to whatever hurts, both in my calf and achilles. I also wear heel lifts both running and in my daytime shoes. I have tried getting rid of the lifts, but I am also trying to increase mileage over time, so I had to put the lifts back in as they help me. Hills also aggravate my achilles but I have no choice, my runs are usually hilly. If it started to hurt more with the new shoes, try switching back to your previous shoes. Be carefull stretching your calf. If you over stretch it, it pulls on your achilles which can aggravate it more. Stretch after you are warmed up, not before running. Good luck.
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