Overactive spam filter (Read 16 times)

    My account chawke and associated IP address were apparently automatically banned after I attempted to save an edit to a post regarding using two workout/running apps together (I don't even want to mention the names here in case that was what triggered the spam filter). I then received an error message whenever I tried to post on the forums. I tried to get in contact in various ways to resolve this, including using the feedback form (which didn't accept my messages when logged out apparently due to an IP ban), emailing the support email address, private-messaging eric, but a month later, after multiple messages and follow-ups, still hadn't received a response, so I guess eric/team was busy or there is another issue in which the messages aren't being seen. Fortunately I was able to re-register using the desired email address and appear to be allowed to post on this account as apparently it's the IP that is banned and not the email. I am presenting all of this information to you to help fix what appears to be an overactive spam filter or at least a spam filter that had mistakenly blocked my account. I am happy to provide further information to help resolve this issue; for now I'll continue using this account and hopefully won't run into any more snags.