Log Export Problem (Read 685 times)

    I periodically backup my log using the XML format save option. When I saved a backup today, I happened to notice that the size of the log.zip file was much smaller than my last saved version from a month ago. Since I haven't deleted any old runs, and since today's backup should include a month's-worth of new runs, I think something may be amiss. I'm not an expert at reading XML, but it appears to me that the XML export option is not currently getting all of the run information. (The tab-delimited export appears to be working normally.)

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      Hi mkleiman, Thanks for pointing out the problem for me. Much of the log is so tightly integrated that a small change can affect many different areas. I try my best to make sure everything works before releasing it, but something will always slip through. The two backup options use different methods of packaging the data. The tab-delimited option is simpler, and is much more robust. I'll look into the problem when I get a chance. I can't do it this week because I don't have access to my computer. I hope that won't cause you too much problem. eric Smile
        No problem at all Eric. I'll check in here periodically to see if there are any updates; in the meanwhile, I'll use the tab-delimited option for backups. Many, many thanks for your efforts on the site.

        How To Run a Marathon: Step 1 - start running. There is no Step 2.

          Matt, Just want to let you know that the XML backup option is fixed. Please give it a try and let me know if there are any other problems. eric Smile