Any questions for the Garmin people? (Read 2236 times)

    Just a warning about the 610. There is a pretty serious GPS bug that is showing up in units that people have now. Basically the GPS accuracy goes to pot when you hit the start/stop button and even sometimes when you hit the la button. Goes from < 20ft to > 250ft.


    I've got some video documentation of that happening, plus some GPX comparison tracks to the 305. Stick to the 305.


      Sent off the questions a little while ago to the Garmin folks.  Many of the ones here were included.  We'll see what they say soon.

        I have a Garmin 210.  When I connect via cable to my Mac Powerbook to upload data, it is frequently not recognized by my computer.  I have downloaded drivers, etc.  I have this problem with no other plug in device so I do not believe it is my computer.  Does anyone else have this problem?


        Thanks much

          I'd like to see Garmin open source a portion of their Forerunner software to let nerdy users like me customize it.  I realize that some of their background driver & GPS calculation stuff is proprietary, but a tool to customize the screens would really be nice.   Android and iOS let users create Apps, why not Garmin?


          My third 205 recently died (the battery will no longer charge ) so I went shopping for a new Garmin and looked at the newer models.  I ended up ordering a 305 since I want to try the HRM, and since there is much more screen customization availability with the 205/305 than any of the new models, except maybe the more expensive 310XT.  


          I would have liked a 210, but there is a field missing that I use- last lap pace.  I use a lap timer set for 0.25 miles, and show Last Lap pace rather than the jumpy Instant Pace on my main screen.   


          I'd actually like to see a "rolling lap pace" which gave a running average of your pace for the last X (user selected) miles. 

            Forerunner 205 - take 1-  Died from Water Ingress/Sweat in 07.  1 year warranty Expired, replaced for ~$90.  Got a refurbished model from Garmin.


            Forerunner 205 - take 2-  Died from Water Ingress/Sweat in 08.  90 day warranty expired, bought new one at REI for ~$150.


            Forerunner 205 - take 3-  Lithium Ion battery no longer charging in 11.   REI no longer sells, so cant return to replace.  Ordered a 305 from Amazon for $129.

            Best Present Ever

              My forerunner 205 died.  I bought a refurbished one.  It stopped working well but I was outside the 30 day window to get it replaced, and decided I didn't want to pay for another refurb, so I bought a new one.  Today, I ran shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of friends.  They ran exactly 13 miles, I ran 14.8 according to my garmin.  Even more exciting, I ran a 6 minute mile, a 4:35 mile, and a really awesome 2:08 mile.  When I look at the map generated in training center, I seem to have run off across a river and through the woods for a few miles instead of staying on the road with everyone else.  I also managed to stop running and restart about 1/2 mile down the road.  I guess  I apparated?    I suppose I should ship the damn thing back since it's still under warranty. Or maybe I should embrace my inner speed demon & trail runner selves and use my powers of apparition more often. 

                I think we'd be interested to know what came of this interview and what Garmin's response to some of these items might be.