Plantar Warts . . . remove or not (Read 934 times)

    Plantar warts are tough little buggers.





    I have had one right in the middle of the ball of my foot for about a year. I have tried just about every over the counter remedy (acid, freezing, duct tape) to no avail. Most recently using duct tape to keep it somewhat under control because it seems to have the same effect as salisylic acid (as explained by Trent), at a lot lower price point. I use pretty much the MattM method; I can get rid of all the skin I want but the wart sticks around like an unwanted houseguest. Never tried apple cider vinegar, that one seems popular as well (what do you know - vinegar is acidic!). So far only consulted Dr. Interwebz, I have heard too many reports about the official medical kind being a waste of time & money (see LedLincoln's comment).


    Has not really interfered with running. Can be irritating or even slightly painful to walk around barefoot, but I don't feel it in running shoes. Unless I am applying a lot of pressure on it, like pressing down during a calf/achilles stretch. However that thing is just f---ing annoying, and I want it to go away. Which apparently it will someday, maybe before I die, or resort to the Slo_Hand home surgery method.


    In conclusion: Ugh.