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    I have been playing around with the ipbike app on my android phone and I cant get it to upload to running ahead.  Has anyone tried this?  The only thing that I can guess is it is asking for the base address for accessing running ahead and I may not be entering this in correctly.  Thanks

      Unless RunningAHEAD is using the OpenFIT API then IpBike want automatically be able to upload to it.  I can not see any references to OpenFIT API so I don't think this is the case.


      If there is an API for uploading to RunningAHEAD then I can consider adding upload support to IpBike for RunningAHEAD.  I can not see any obvious reference to an API but I have not done a big search of the site.


      Ifor.  IpBike developer.

        I just found some API documentation so I will look at adding in some direct upload support.  Basic support should be straight forward.  It looks like there are some more interesting features like equipment that may take a bit more effort.

          I just published IpBike 1.5.0 with direct upload support for RunningAHEAD.  there is still some work to do tidying up the support but the basics are there.