Taken out by a car, lessons learned (Read 1670 times)

    Good to see you are ok.


    The top tube of the bike sure crumpled. Steel or Titanium?


    Great points, especially regarding the helmet.

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        Looks like you need to stick to the pool now, man.  Wink


      Sorry, can't. Stitches. I should probably just go hand out race bibs and t-shirts now... 

        The top tube of the bike sure crumpled. Steel or Titanium?


        The frame is handmade lugged steel by a former master builder for Serotta in NY. You can't see it but the top and down tubes are also crumpled just before their respective seat tube lugs. You also can't see just how messed up the handle bars are. The right side is folded flat and the left side is almost sheared off. It's probably still there because of the aero bars are holding them.

          "Great points, especially regarding the helmet"


          And the hugging. Can never have too much hugging.


          Speedy recovery.

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            I'm so sorry this happened to you, but so glad you are here to tell the story. Your lessons learned are very valuable.  My FIL is 93, and was driving until very recently.  He has mild dementia, and is in the process of trying to get back on the road even though he lives in an assisted living place with lots of opportunities for outings and shuttle service.  We live a mile away, and drive him around quite a bit too.  But giving up those keys is a huge battle.  I seem to be the lone voice saying that he should NOT be driving.  I'm going to show your post to my husband and pray that we can prevent at least one more of these incidents.  Hope you heal well and soon! 

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              I'd REALLY love to see behind-the-wheel tests be required maybe every 5-10 years for ALL drivers.  Then AARP can't cry ageism and we might actually get a few crappy younger drivers to re-learn how to drive properly, too.  There are far too many folks who think driving is their right, when it's merely a privilege that's often viewed without the level of care it deserves.

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              She was not strong. She was valiant. Radiant. Brave and broken. The beauty she discovered in the aftermath was unparalleled to anything she had known before, because it had come at such a cost.

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                I'd also like to throw out that my dad gave up his license this year. I'm proud of him for manning up and doing that since he isn't healthy enough to be behind the wheel. He's lucky that he as a young chauffeur, my mom. He also drives the hell out of his John Deere lawn tractor. That helps.

                  Jeez, X, no way, man!  You have been having a string of not-so-good fortune with your athletic endeavors of late -- sorry this is one more (major) downer.  Thank God you are alive and kickin' with no life-threatening injuries, but wow, that's just terrible news and I'm so sorry this happened to you.  Thank God for the helmet, too, and great lessons learned all the way around.  Keep us posted on how you heal up.


                  Best prayers and thoughts.  - Joe

                  - Joe

                  We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.

                    p.s., and another ditto on the helmet.  I splattered the asphalt a few years ago and totally destroyed my helmet.  I am *certain* that if it didn't save my life it at least kept me out of the ICU.  I walked away from that crash a big, bloody, oozing mess, but walk away I did.  Without the helmet -- definitely not.

                    - Joe

                    We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.

                      Forgot to add that I hit the car so hard and violently my left shoe was knocked off! Kinda sucks because that foot got more banged up on impact.


                        Very scary!  Glad you are okay.


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                          Glad that you are here to tell the story. That is scary.

                          And I can't believe some people don't wear helmets.

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                            Glad to hear that you are OK.  This is going to prompt me to have an awkward but very necessary conversation with my 80 year-old father.  Hope that you heal quickly.

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                              I was very shocked to read this and so glad you are/will be ok, Chris.  Every time I think I'm going to start road biking again I see one of these stories....


                              My family has been in the position of having to deal with older family members getting to the shouldn't-be-driving point in recent years.  My dad's aunt was easy; she started feeling uneasy about her skills so she sold her car to one grandson and rural house to another, and moved in with her daughter...she knew she shouldn't be driving.  My grandfather was the opposite, got into the early stages of Alzheimer's and rolled his truck off the road during a memory lapse, luckily noone else was on the road.  He refused to give up his keys, so my dad took the rotor out of the distributor so it would not run and he'd never figure it out.  A week later the sheriff brought him home after he rode his farm tractor into town on the state highway for groceries...so that had to be "broken" too.  Then his riding lawnmower as well.  The drama sucked but not as much as if he would have killed someone.

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