Ogden 1/2 marathon race report (Read 512 times)


    I have been getting ready for my first half marathon since last January when I decided that it would be one of my goals for the year. I had hoped to beat 2 hours, or at least that was my goal. Saturday morning, I had to be down in Ogden at 5am to catch the bus to the start line. We got to the start line at 5:30 am. Which meant we had a 1 1/2 hour wait till the start of the race. While it had been warm down in Ogden, up in Eden, when the race was starting it was cold. It was a good thing they had fires going in drums. So, we stood and talked, about 6:30 it started getting light, so I walked around the Eden park, and streched. Finally it was time for the Race to start. The first mile I took it slow, about a 9:30 mile/minute. We came to the first, and only hill on the run on the second mile, and I started to pick up speed, that was about a 9 mi/min. The rest was mostly down hill, so I just ran. I was feeling good till, I hit ten miles. We came out of the canyon and down into the city. By the way, although I had driven that canyon many times. It was great to appriciate the view while running. I could look at the beauty rather than worry about staying on the road. At ten miles the heels of my feet were hurting. It was a lot of down hill running. But I kept going. Mile 11 was really hard, and the hardest was mile 12. I was not sure if I could keep running. But the people along the way cheering us on gave me a little of the push I needed to keep going. Finally, I turned onto the last section, and I could see the finish line, I knew I was good, and the last mile felt strong. I met my goal, and beat it. My first 1/2 marathon was 1:54:50. By the way, it was a great. And the support given was great.
      Great job on a sub 2 hr finish!! Ogden is my home town. Many memroies of going up and down the Ogden canyon to go water/snow skiing, shooting star for burgers and beer. Ran the 5k back in 2000. Thinking about heading back there next year to tackle the Marathon or maybe the HM.
        Congrats on completing your first (of many, no doubt) half-marathon. And, a very good time as well. I ran the full, and it is a very scenic course. I always look forward to hitting the canyon. Going to do it again next year?
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          I'm not going to miss it, possibly next year, I will do a full marathon. I'm going to try to do the Logan Marathon in September this year.

            Congratulations on achieving your goal of running a HM. Bonus that you beat your time goal too!
              We back here in Ohio just wish we had the scenery that you out there have......sometimes out of desperation, we just squint our eyes asd pretend that the clouds are mountains. My kids have always asked me why we live here and I explain that well .....so when we go on vacation. we really enjoy wherever we are a lot......pretty lame! Orangeman Oh, and way to go on the 1/2 marathon....it is always great to have a goal to shoot for..... Confused

              Orange Man and Eric.

                congrats! great time and so cool you came in better than goal! Big grin
                Jennifer mm#1231
                  I'm going to try to do the Logan Marathon in September this year.
                  Logan is probably one of the most scenic marathons you can run (well, at least the first half coming out of the canyon).
                  My Masters (>50) Race PR's: 5K - 20:17 10K - 42:36 HM - 1:31:22 Marathon - 3:20:48

                  Princess Cancer Pants

                    Excellent results! A first HM in under 2 hours is fantastic! My goal for my second one is to get under 2 hours...though it might not happen until #3 a month later, as the course for the one I will do in Sept. is much hillier (and it will be warmer out). k

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                      The only Disappointment I have it that I ended up with a bad blister on the bottom of my heel. So, I have not been able to run as I normally do. Any Ideas on how to speed up the healing. I hate not being able to keep up my training. Also, suggestion on how to avoid it in the future.