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    I'm after a bit of advice. I ran a half marathon last Sunday and its been a while since my last so i'm a little out of practise. Unsurprisingly, i've ended up with Runner's toe on 4 of my toes but i'm a little worried because it seems to have gone past that. Apologies for the graphicness of my next comments: the toenails are no longer black and the blood blisters that were beneath/surrounding the nail have burst. In fact the nails are now incredibly white and the whole topmost part of the toe is swollen and incredibly painful, so much so that I can't really walk properly.

    Ordinarily i'm of the opinion that "it will go away in a few days" but this time i'm actually quite worried but the pain is severe and i'm quite an experienced runner, at least I was, and i've never experienced this injury before.

    Any comments would be much appreciated.

    Ostrich runner

      Runner's toe is just ugly. For that, you just get shoes that fit, trim your damn nails more, and work on form a little. Also, don't let people see your feet. You might have turf toe, which legitimately sucks.




        I would go to urgent care and have them looked at. Any discharge? Red streaks up your foot? Are you running a fever?


        Pain that severe doesn't sound like ordinary black toenail.

          I get the dried up blood blisters under callouses on my toes. Havent had any nail troubles yet except for when I don't trim them down enough and they slice up my other toe etc..  If it gets all nasty like that get it checked out.

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