Reports not loading well (Read 38 times)


Go figure

    I've had trouble recently getting reports to load.  For instance, in the beginners and beyond group, if I click "reports," it takes a long time for the list to appear.  When I then try to select "current month" for a sort, it takes a long time and then generates an error message saying that the administrator has been notified.


    If it makes a difference, I'm running on the most current version of Firefox.


    Has anyone else experienced similar troubles?

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      I've had the same problem on IE9 and Windows 7. I can get the Current Year report, but not the Current Month.

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        I think the problem is with the sheer volume of data.  Since the group has many members, it takes time to find all the members and tally their workouts.  The only way to work around it is to precalculate the data.