100 Miles this month FINALLY (Read 379 times)

    After 4 'less' that stellar months of running, I finally managed to run 100+ again.....


    Now to keep it going for a few YEARS...........

    Champions are made when no one is watching

    Team 9 from Outer Space

      Nicely done! Here's hoping it's the beginning of a long streak of great months! Smile

      "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run ...you're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


      Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

        Congrats!  Keep gooooooooooing!!!

        The Irreverent Reverand

          Congratulations! It was my first 100-mile month in a long time, too!

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          PRs: 3:27 marathon; 1:41 half; 45:07 10K; 23:26 5K; 6:02 mile; <12 parsecs Kessel Run

            Congrats guys!     Keep the momentum going !!

              5k  = 19.48 10/1/13

            10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

            Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

            Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

            Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

            Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34

              fantastic work !!  yes keep it going!!


              I run. Therefore I am.

                ...with four days left to go.  I've done it before...not often...and always, on the 31st of the month.  Heck,with four more days, I might hit 125 this month!

                You don't need shoes to run anymore than you need a hat to think.


                Squidward Bike Rider

                  Congrats!  Once you go triple-digits, you never want to go back. Wink

                  an amazing likeness

                    Hey...good news there, John. Good to see you're on the comeback trail !

                    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

                      2 in a row now!  good work John!

                        2 in a row now!  good work John!


                        THKS Neil ==== I'm getting it going after a dismal winter.........Not running very fast, but at least I'm getting some mileage now.......

                        Champions are made when no one is watching


                          as you & I & most experienced runners on RA know, consistency & time on feet (duration/ mileage) are priority #1.  Anything else is built on a strong aerobic base.  speed comes later and/or at races.  anyway keep logging those  miles.   I'm confident you will pull off a string of those 100 mpm"s


                            Nice work!


                            I know the feeling. After like, 6 straight 100+ mile months, I was injured and missed by a lot in February. I woraked my way back up to 100+ the last two months, but life derailed me this time. Coaching obligations, and plain old life obligations made it difficult to hit that magic number. I'll be at 90 by Friday, but I still feel like I cheated myself. Still, life happens and anytime I can hit triple digits, I'm stoked.

                            Current PRs:

                            5K: 27:06 (11/10/12) | 5M: 44:03 (6/1/13) | 10K: 1:00:48 (7/4/12)

                            15K: 1:27:53 (3/17/13) | 10M: 1:30:25 (4/13/13) | HM: 1:59:55 (4/28/13)

                            Next race: Ashland 4th of July 10K

                            Miles to Go

                              Way to go!  Congrats!


                              With my run today I have also gone over 100 miles in a month for my FIRST TIME EVER!!!

                              See how they run...

                              running metalhead

                                Kudos mate!!

                                When I run I feel like a swallow

                                Because you are free like a bird?

                                Nope, because of all the flies I eat.