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    Well that's an interesting point, about how to balance honesty with telling a person what would actually best for them to hear on a message board. But in my case, have no fear. My running motivation is already all gone, and since it's clear this is NOT going to clear up on its own, any thought that there might be a specific issue that someone could fix is encouraging.


      I know a runner who had similar sounding symptoms and he turned out to have a ragged section of cartilage, I think under or near the patella.  Once that was smoothed off (arthroscopic method)  he has been running pain free every day.  Good luck with the ortho doc!


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        In the case of the one I know who had this little piece of bone chip; he couldn't run for 2.5 years until they finally found out what was going on (I can't remember what determined it--X-ray, MRA or whatever) and, in the end, believe it or not, acupuncture was the one who ended it; no surgery or any cutting open stuff.  A year later, he set the marathon PR.  Certianly arthroscopic method would be ideal--his was in the early 1980s; most probably before arthoscopic technique was popular.  My suggestion is to see the professionals and get it over with once and for all.


        But then again, I might be just saying this to make you feel positive??? ;o)

          Speaking of knees, I've had this little bump under my left knee for like, I dunno, six weeks.  I feel a dull ache at the beginning of every run that more or less dissipates after a few miles. I also feel it going up and down stairs.


          Any else have this? Something that just kind of goes away? 

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            I'll also jump back into this thread, just to update the above. Alas, there is no real update. Two months on, I'm still sidelined. Ready to move on to an orthopedic knee specialist. This is the longest I've ever been sidelined -- after 7 years of running, 64 marathons / ultras, and I'm brought down by *runner's knee*? WTF???


            My summer goal race -- White River 50 -- was yesterday; I was a DNS. I can't run downhill, period.



            I wonder how many of the runners here are like typical runners and decided to run through the pain for a while until it became so aggravated that they absolutely had to stop.


            Taking the time off to REST the knee and all the surrounding structures is often far more difficult than the actual training.


            Perhaps it is simply a matter of an ounce of prevention (via more "voluntary" rest when symptoms first present themselves) is worth a pound of the cure (surgery, extended lay offs due to chronic injury - unable to run, ie. "involuntary" rest).


            And I wonder if riding a bike is the solution to knee problems.  If you have ITB issues, I would think that all that flex/ext on the bike would just continually irritate those tissues.  Obviously if the knee pain is coming from all the impact or possibly an injured meniscus or OA, then it might be a different story.




            I like this comment from Biomimeticist, but I would add the capitalized text:


            "Runner's Knee is sadly a euphemism for a doctor (OR ANY OTHER HEALTHCARE PROVIDER) who doesn't want to admit that he can't cure your pain. You're a runner and you have a knee, what can he change medically?


            What you can change is how much stress you put on the joint. And that's a matter of technique and how (MUCH) you train."




            Nice thread.