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    OK, explain this then.



    Now THAT is funny.  SJ versus the coach.... Go!

    - Joe

    We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.




      And your kids … while I get that you want to shield them from a forum that can be rough at times, the reality is that these kids live online and see and experience a lot online. I seriously doubt that anything they see or experience here will scandalize them.

      Hey coach. If you think this place is rough, go hang out at Lets Run. That's a really calm and welcoming crowd.


      Seriously though hang out a while and get the flavor of the place. The tools for running (and no I'm not referring to "tools" like SJ) are pretty darn awesome. And there are some really good runners that are very open with their advice. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two. I know I have and it's made me a better runner and several good friends (in real life).


      Pedantic weenie - oh my that one had me coughing coffee on my keyboard. Epic.

      "He conquers who endures" - Persius
      "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel



        Everyone, sorry about how I went about asking for changes.

        Thank you for bringing to light my bad manners.  Nobody likes to make mistakes like that.  Nobody likes to be offended and nobody wants to be hated due to offending others.  You are correct - I should have asked in a much different manner.


        Also, sorry for choosing titles that seem to exacerbate the situation.  I have changed them.  Hopefully people will be happier with them (although they might prefer "other" titles for me -- yikes).  Again, especially sorry for how I wrote that first post.


        Eric, thank you for answering.  Again, the structures of the tools on RA are great!  You have obviously put forth a lot of effort and have helped a lot of people.  I can definitely appreciate that.


        ...and people prefer how things are already being done.  I understand your point that it is important to have vague enough wording that can be used by everyone.  Unfortunately, after seeing all these posts, it is loud and clear that the culture in which I have been operating uses different terminology than most people on RA, and we can probably extrapolate far beyond that.  My perception of "standard" terminology here has been incorrect.  I stand corrected.  If it is best for RA to keep using its current wordings, then that is ok.  It is best to serve the larger masses in regard to the issues posted in this thread.  I can definitely concede to that.


        I am still not sure which service to purchase, so I will continue to explore other options.

        Best wishes to everyone in 2014.

          In addition to all that has been mentioned, I'm sure your kids can handle the terminology differences. It's really not that difficult to understand.