Using the same equipment for different types of activities (Read 141 times)

Fat & lazy runner

    I think it would be useful to link an equipment (i.e. shoes) to different types of activities.

    For example I use the same shoes for running and walking (and sometimes hiking) and I'd like to know the sum of all the kilometers.

    What do you think about this suggestion?

    Thank you


    Andy G.


      I'll second that. When my running shoes start getting higher mileage, I use them for walking and hiking as well.


        +1 that request.




          That would be nice. I'm using the same shoos for both running and walking.




          Refurbished Hip

            I really wish this was an option.  I'm going to have to start tracking my shoes with Strava, which I don't really want to do.

            Running is dumb.


              I also use the same shoes for both running and walking, so it would be good to have this feature.

                Agreed. That would be a very useful feature.

                I intend to live forever . . . or die trying.

                  I only use my running shoes to run in until I think I should no longer be running in them


                    Is there a way to do this yet? I love how well RA tracks equipment but I'd love to track walk workouts and run workouts on the same shoes. I often do something like walk 1 mi, run 4, and walk 1 more with separate workouts & the walks don't get counted on those shoes. Would be awesome! Thx!

                    Sean in Kelowna



                      I just tried to do this, only to find it was impossible.