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    I think I heard that people will start getting their checks next week...maybe? I was in the car, so I only half-heard what was said.
    I saw on the news this morning that the first round of checks are supposed to go out next week. I also heard that if you owed the IRS money this year that was less than the amount of the rebate, you could file, not pay, and they would deduct what you owed from the rebate check. DAMN. I had to send those bastards $800.
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      The IRS site shows the direct deposits starting next week. Big grin http://www.irs.gov/irs/article/0,,id=180250,00.html


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        OK, cnn.com has a story this morning that the first round of rebates is gonna go five days early. Any bike peeps with thoughts on single speed in general and the SE in particular? did? Bueller? Anybody?
        It's a singlespeed - not much more to say than that. I don't like the bars on that SE - I'd want regular ol' roadie drop bars. My inclination would be to look for a used Bianchi Pista... did



          Here is a great website for bile reveiws. http://www.roadbikereview.com. I bought a new roadie bike a couple of years ago. I used this to lead me in the right direction and then went to a few stores and rode a bunch of them. For me its all about how a bike feels. I had four bikes lined up and rode one right after the other. Needless to say I love my bike. It rides like a dream and almost climbs hills by itself.
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            Here is a great website for bile reveiws. http://www.roadbilereview.com.
            I hate looking up those bile reviews... Du-o-den-um diddy-dum diddy-doo.


              Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. I checked out roadbikereview.com, and those people don't post about riding so hard you poop 'em or puke. What kind of weird forum is that? Wink MTA: Me asking did for bike advice is kinda like me asking Ryan Hall how I should run my next Marathon. Blush

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                As a quick word of advice: I bought a Specialized Tarmac in December and love to ride now, but am getting over some IT issues and am looking forward to picking up training. However, going 35-40 mph on a bike is REALLY fun. With that fun comes: Pedals Shoes Shorts Shirts wind gear rain gear Cat-Eye Pumps saddle bags Tires Tubes....... Sort of like starting to run: Old shoes become: New Shoes, then two pairs to alternate smart wool socks hat shorts long and short sleeve shirts orthodics gu before, during and after supplements massages..... Swimming: Shorts and googles! Good luck with the bike.


                  If you plan to commute, where you will be able to leave your bike when at work will be a big deciding factor. If you have to leave it outside, unsupervised, you better get a cheaper bike. If you have a safe place to put it at work, get a good road bike. - R
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