Map or Satellite - Which is More Accurate (Read 735 times)

    Any toughts on whether the map or satellite is more accurate? I am getting different distances, by 1/2 mile or so, for the same course. THanks. Tim T.
    Josh Jacobson

      my opinion would be the satelite is more accurate because you can actually track where are, sidewalks trails, ect better than I can when I just use the map function.
        I agree with Josh, that I think the satellite maps are more accurate. Technically, the satellite maps are aerial photos taken by a camera mounted on a plane. The real satellite maps (at least the ones available to the civilians) do not have the resolutions down to the street/car level. I don't think the street maps are as accurate because the width of the streets in the map do not reflect the true widths of the streets like the aerial photos do. I made all my maps using satellite maps, and they all came out to be very close to or exactly the same as the actual distance. Still, you should treat all distances as estimates, since they don't account for the minor distances on the hills.