monthly streak continues (Read 777 times)

      not a big deal as most here do far more than me.  but today broke 100 miles for month to extend my streak of 100mpm.  don't have much to show for what turned out to be a very disappointing finish to 2011 but at least I have this:



    30 conscutive 100 miles/month   start July 2009



    Merry christmas everyone!


      Impressive! Great job and merry christmas!

        I admire that level of consistency!  Great job, and Merry Christmas! 


          Nice.  Who cares what others do.  Doesn't lessen the coolness of your streak.  I like it!


            thank you, thank you very much

              Nice job. Keep going! Cool

              Prince of Fatness

                Don't worry about what the mileage is, consistency is a good thing.  Nice work!


                  Nice job. Keep going! Cool



                  that's the plan!



                    Very cool! I always aim for 100 mpm but can't achieve consistency anything like what you have. Way to go!

                    I don't half-ass anything


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