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    I lied I have another question (I'm sorry!)

    But how does one push through the "struggle" when it comes to running? Like the moments when you feel like you're going to give out in any minute mentally, but you know your body can continue? I face that A LOT.


    Should not be that much of a struggle at this point. It may be that you are running too fast & need to slow down. Also you mentioned you are mostly on a treadmill now -- I find that the monotony of a treadmill requires more mental discipline to keep going, and running outside is highly preferable.


      questions are good,


      For my music perspective, I guess I approach it from the I don't have a motivation problem side so I don't need the music for that,  and then after all the complaints about boredom, I started thinking about what I do instead.


      For the "struggle" side, I like to think there's three people in side me.  There's the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and my muscles.  I give each of them a personality.  Then I put them in a mental cage match, where Conscious TKOs Subconscious, and then head locks Muscles, and gets Muscles to do what he wants.  (Generally Conscious is the one that wants to keep going)

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        Wow you're the first person who told me NOT to listen to music. See, I'm currently running on a treadmill at the gym so..yeah.


        If you like to listen to music...listen to music.  Again the goal is to make it enjoyable so you get out there and run.  I listen to music on every run and enjoy it.  I am still able to tune in to my body.  The only time I don't listen to music is when I'm running with others.

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          According to " Running Injury Free " People who run in the morning are more consistent runners but are more likely to get injured because you are tight.   I say run when you can but I never run before 9 am except at a race.


            I run morning or night depending on my schedule, but I prefer to run at night, just a personal preference. The pros are that I'm usually properly fueled (a couple hours after dinner, I can not eat much right before a morning run), and I don't feel rushed (no need to get to work afterward), and night time is cooler and less humid (if I run long on weekend mornings it gets hot quickly once the sun comes up), and no need to worry about needing sun screens and sunglasses. As a nightowl I find it hard to get out of bed early in the morning. The cons are limited routes to choose from, since I only run along well-lit roads, and more frequent encounters with occasional asshole drivers than in the day time. I also need to pay more attention while running at night because I'm paranoid that others (cyclists and drivers) can't see me.


            MTA: My idea of night time run is after 9pm and morning run is before 6am. Another issue I found with running late at night is that I don't sleep as well afterward (twisting and turning, wakes up more often...etc), especially after long runs or hard workouts.

              I follow the motto of "run when you can".  Sometimes mornings, sometimes evenings, occasionally during lunch or right after work.


              You just get in the habit of working your running into your schedule, because for me anyway, my schedule just isn't going to work with me running at the same time of day each day.

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                Early morning (5:30 - 7:00 am) works best for me, because nothing interferes or gives me an excuse to not do it.  Also, it's a beautiful time of the day.  I just don't realize it until I get out the door.

                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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                  WEIGHT - most of your weight will be gained or lost based on the food you eat, not because you are running.


                  This ^.

                  You don't run to lose weight, you lose weight to run.

                  If you make no change to your calorie intake it would take about 35 miles per week to lose one pound.

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                  Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

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                    Wow you're the first person who told me NOT to listen to music. See, I'm currently running on a treadmill at the gym so..yeah.


                    You will learn that there is a music/no music divide in the running community.  I run with music on almost every run and could not imagine running on a treadmill without it.  (Although, I'm sure I've done a long run on one without it).  While I have drifted into the center of our multi-use trail from time-to-time and pissed off some cyclist, for the most part, I haven't had any problems running into people/objects or getting good bio-feedback.


                    As far as when to workout, I've also done all three at various times - morning, afternoon, and evening.  I have to agree with those saying morning running is best as far as consistency.  Afternoon running was good because I liked how it broke up the workday.  I don't really like evening running.  I feel like traffic is heavier and drivers crazier.  I also find it's harder to get to sleep after an evening workout.


                    And, congrats on your weight loss.

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                      yes, congrats on your weight loss!

                      some of my thoughts:  I mostly run in the morning 6-9 but sometimes later & sometimes late afternoon/early evening.  my work schedule changes weekly/daily & basically dictates when I run.  only set time I have is Wed 6 am when I meet running partner at track.  yesterday was feeling slugglish/ abit unmotivated so ran last night at 10:45.  it was great! quiet, cooler, & hit some short trails where it was sometimes hard to see footing.  loved it!  next 2 days have early shifts so will hit some trails after work.  so point is run when you can & just be consistent getting out there when you can, but mixing things up is good too.  when I start feeling abit bored/unmotivated  will change routes/times etc.  trail runs are always great for this.


                      also want to encourage to continue the strength training.   especially important when losing weight because you want to maintain as much lean muscle as possible.  you can lose alot of weight but its not all fat, its muscle also.  find a balance as you shift your priority to running (aerobic) or you may end up with lose sagging skin.  this has happened to me somewhat.  finding that balance will improve your running too.


                      when you hit that point of fatigue while running,  when it becomes a "struggle", this is the time to really focus/concentrate on your form. this will help you to "push through".  this is also the time when a consistent balanced approach between running/strength training will pay its dividends.

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                        I like to run in the morning, not only because it's cooler (it's summer here), but also because I don't have to make way for it later in the day.


                        I also would recommend running with a group that also meets away from your home.  This basically forces you to run, especially on those days where you're unmotivated

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                          Weight gain does not mean fat gain.  Sometimes it means muscle gain, hydration gain, bone density gain.  Best weight loss advice is to avoid as much fat as possible which means by eating as much carbohydrates as possible.  Try and eat as much fruit as you can.  Make bananas your staple.  Buy a box a week and make lots of banana smoothies.  Fruits and vegetables have protein and fat in them.  You dont need much of either of those things despite whatever the protein powder pusher says.  Steamed or boiled potato or rice or gluten-free pasta with low sodium pasta is good to eat sometimes too.  And dont forget to eat lots of tender leafy greens.

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                            Also I think that running with music on the treadmill is fine.  I call it the dreadmill.  I hate running on it so if for some reason I have to run on it, I kinda want music to listen to or I might not want to stay on long.  I prefer running outside.  When you run outside, whether a race or just going outside training, I dont recommend music.  I think music on treadmill is fine.  But honestly, running outside is far more enjoyable


                              Lots of good advice given.  I'm a running newbie, but I agree with the idea of run when you can.  I run in the afternoons/evenings after work, but try to get my weekend run in during the mornings.  Breathing should be easy.  If you can carry on a conversation, then you are doing well.  If you can't, then slow down.  I also struggle mentally at times, and I have utilized mantras, cadences (I pretend I'm back at basic training), and sometimes prayer.  Whatever works for you that gets past it.  I also find that doing a "systems check" helps (am I in pain, am I really tired, how is my stride/posture/fists/shoulders, etc.)  That seems to get my mind off of that voice telling me to stop.  You will find out in time that that voice is a liar!  I run with music on treadmills and sometimes outside.  My first 5K was at night, so I couldn't run with headphones (at least you weren't supposed to!), so I trained myself to run with or without them.  I work hard to be very aware of my surroundings during a run.




                                I usually try and run in the morning, or late evening. I have this route i do all the time, down by the water. It's nice and breezy and cool. I second the music while running too, keeps my mind off of running.