know any good 16 week marathon training plans? (Read 584 times)

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    my speedy sister is going to do Boston and I've volutneered again (we trained for philly together last november) to help her on the long runs but I was thinking if I'm going to do 20 mile training run I might as well get a tshirt out of the deal and 16 weeks from now there are 1 or 2 marathons in my general neck of the woods sooo... I used hal higdon's 18 week plan last time and it worked well any other recommendations?

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      try the "rookie" or "veteran" 16 week programs from the Boston Marathon website. I used the rookie program to train for Boston and Charlotte last year. http://bostonmarathon.com/BostonMarathon/MarathonTraining.asp
        I like Runner's World "Smart Coach." You can put in a time from your previous race, and it will tell you exactly how fast to run your workouts. Plus, you can tell them when you want to do long runs, how many weeks out you want to start and how hard you want to train. Worked well for me. Smile
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