Copy Part of a Route? (Read 232 times)


    I'm building some routes for increasing mileage throughout the summer. I have a few routes that are loops that I would like to build on. So, when I do a 6 miler, I'd like to have pretty much the same start as my 5 mile route, but just go a little further and loop back home. Is there a way to copy the 5 mile route, delete the end where I loop back, etc.? Or do I have to start all over with the 6 mile route? I tried copying the 5 mile loop and hitting "undo," but that didn't work. Thoughts?


      There's no good way to cut/split maps at the moment.  The best you can do is create a partial route as your starting point, then copy this route and add to it.  I have plans to add this new feature but haven't found the time to do it yet.


      eric Smile