Default to Satellite View (Read 556 times)

Jonty Fisher

    It would be great to default to the satellite view when saving/viewing maps! Thanks Jonty


      Satellite View never works for me. Not that it is Eric's fault. I think it is that Google Maps hates Kentucky.
        I personally wouldn't want it to default to satellite because I use the road mapper most often. Perhaps it might be better if it defaulted to whatever the person had used last or saved that particular map as? (If it was in satellite view when you saved it, it should come up to view in satellite... if it was in hybrid, then pull up in hybrid, etc.)

        Roads were made for journeys...

        12 Monkeys

          I think there should be an option to select which view the map should come up in when opened. Sometimes I want roads. Sometimes I want topo. Sometimes I want Satellite. Some parts of KY have awesome satellite Big grin
            There are two possible solutions to this:
          • record the view in the map - since this is on a per map basis, you need to do it for every map you create. The advantage is that others will view the map as you see it.
          • specify a default view in your preferences - all your maps will be defaulted to your preferred view. Other users will see the maps you make using their preferences (and thus not as how you intended).
          • I prefer the first method since it's easier to add and might be a little more useful than the second one. Any thoughts?

            12 Monkeys

              I agree that this should be per map. And if unspecified, it should revert to the current map view.