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      I have some nike flex runs with the waffle looking bottom.  I do NOT recommend them for trail running.  It is kind of obvious when you see how light they are but I tried them a few times anyways.  Very little ankle support and tons of pebbles and acorns and stuff were getting stuck in the waffle square soles....I have to pick them out with a screwdriver when I get home.  It does the same thing even running on horse paths. So if you plan to get flex runs then stay on indoor track and on concrete and roads.

      I have been using my nike dart 9's which are outdated models now.  However these were the best damn shoes EVER.  I put 792 miles on them from road running, 120 miles of backpacking on the pacific crest trail and recently 36 miles of trail runs.  There is no bald spots on the bottom or any tears or any weird wear.  I just can't seem to destroy them and they still look good enough when cleaned to wear to school.  Anyways that is my 2 main pairs of shoes now and how they fare on trails.


      PS  the newer nike flex run 2013s have only 445 miles on them and they are already showing heavy wear on the palm of the foot. So durability wise, the dart 9s win. BUT dart9s are way heavier...  rambling...

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        I own a pair of the sense mantra & they work fine for both surfaces, although they are not the best for me for other reasons.


        I have a pair of Sense Mantra, too, and even though I generally like Salomon I think they're useless. For such a streamlined shoe they are awfully clunky and I have eaten it more often in these shoes than any other. Tread is not good enough for loose sections or mud either, though the rock protection was good. When it comes to shoes for really gnarly trails, I just keep coming back to the Salomon Speedcross 3. They excel in sloppy conditions, but I really value them for control on steep, loose descents. I've actually run on the road with them and despite the big lugs, they feel fine, but I know they'd wear out quickly and they probably wouldn't work even as a door to trail shoe.