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Imminent Catastrophe

    There's not many times that I'm grateful for Scottish weather but reading this post is one of them. I ran tonight in low 50s and rain!!! Yes
    Hey freckles, what's the weather like in Inverness in October? Anyway, I picked a good time to get out of the South. 58°F in San Francisco. Crater Lake will be 36°F Saturday morning. Aaaahhhhh....

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      wellington has been low 50s this week. perfect running weather. i sit here listening to you guys describing the heat and humidity and i just don't know how you do it. you are all amazing to be out there anyway
        88 degrees with 80% humidity at 7:45 PM for my 5 mile run two nights ago. Came in only 22 seconds slower than my usual pace, which really surprised me, considering I felt like I was breathing in a bucket of water. Ugh... I took last night off, but I'm staring at the same conditions tonight. A storm is moving through, so it'll either cool down a bit or get even murkier. Perhaps we should all flag this thread to read six months from now when we're all complaining about the cold! Big grin

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