Nashville recommendations? (Read 110 times)

    This weekend we're heading down to Alabama for spring break and decided to stop over for a night in Nashville. I'm looking for a recommendation on where to stay for a night (hotel or camp) that would be easy to hop out of bed in the morning for a run (maybe 6 miles) without needing the car. Also, any ideas for food? Restaurant recommendations for brunch/breakfast and dinner would be nice! Any things we must see/do? We've never been. Thank you!

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      I found it convenient and not too expensive to stay at the Holiday Inn, Vanderbilt area. Its across the street from Centennial Park which is a nice place to run. The full loop of the park is only one mile, but its a pretty place to run several laps (there's a lake, the Parthenon, lots of nice grass) and there is no traffic once you get in the park and are on the running/walking path plus you don't have to worry about getting lost. If you have young children, there is also a playground in Centennial Park.


      I recommend the Loveless Cafe for unique and delicious country dining -- go there for breakfast. It's outside of town, but worth the drive.

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        Cool, thanks! That restaurant looks perfect for breakfast. Always looking for some good biscuits! That parks sounds lovely as well. Maybe I will check it out or end up driving somewhere.

          If you opt for driving a bit, check out Percy Warner Park for a run, about 15 miles west of downtown. Home of the dreaded Flying Monkey!

            I've been there a couple times. Don't remember much but I know I had fun.

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              Don't remember much


              Hangover?  Hills?  Honkey tonks?


              Joann, I too have many fuzzy memories, but the red trail or 11.2 at Percy Warner Park are both amazing.

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                One our one visit there, we ate breakfast at http://www.puckettsgrocery.com/nashville/

                Very good buffet.


                We also enjoyed Nashville's own Parthenon.


                The Grand Ol' Opry was good. Unnecessarily too loud, though. Bring musician's earplugs if you have them. Some fine country performances.

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                  There's no running there.


                  You'll just have to drink instead.

                  It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                    Perfect. Had my liver enzymes checked recently and they are normal. I am good to go. Maybe head over to Percy Warner Park with my brown paper bag. Thanks guys!