Soreness in Lower Ab Region after Run (Read 627 times)

    Just wondering if anyone experiences soreness in their lower ab area after a run, particularly a long run? I feel like I run 'tall', but wonder if I sometimes tilt back and that is putting a strain on my lower abs.
      I've felt that as well after a long run, usually 2 hours or more. I really thought it was just internal organs suffering under the bounding motion, to tell you the truth. It usually didn't last too long, though. Interested in hearing what other people think!
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        I get them too, almost always after a longer run & frequently after a strenuous shorter run. I figure I just need to do some ab work. I've been running since April & although I get less sore than before, running alone isn't giving me sufficient conditioning in that area.

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          Yep, in my runs of more than 2 hours while training for my HM I would get them. Glad to know I'm not alone. Smile k

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            There is a great article in February Runners World that discusses this topic and gives you an exercise plan to counter it. Good Luck!
              I feel like I run 'tall', but wonder if I sometimes tilt back and that is putting a strain on my lower abs.
              last year during outdoor track, only my second season of any running, i had terrible form and during track workouts i would develop lower back and lower ab pain, i ended up being injured for the end of the season due to a back injury all im saying is you might want to straighten your back, i could be talking about something completely different, just thought id input something
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