Custom Summary in Calendar (Read 43 times)


    For example, instead of just " Easy 8 mi" we could choose various fields to use in the summary, like "Activity Distance, Time (Pace)" which would show up as "Run 8mi, 60:00 (7:30/mi)". This would make the calendar view more informative.


    Right now I'm torn between RunningAhead, which has built in mapping, lots more features, better data analysis; and Merv, which is dead-simple, has customizable summaries, and a week print out that is incredibly useful (so I can send it to my coach without having to go through every day's entries or download data to csv). The week print out of everything is more important to me, but the custom summaries would be nice too. I think that's all that's keeping me still thinking about Merv (merv.stanford.edu), which I'll probably ditch anyway since it goes down periodically, but it would be nice to do it with confidence.