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    Jsimms, do you track your runs? If you do, consider logging your running and cross-training on RA. It makes it much easier to get good feedback because others can see what you are doing.


    I do not run doubles. At most, I run into the mid-30s for weekly mileage and I don't feel that warrants doing doubles. I'm not looking for the mileage volume doubles would give me and I think to do doubles without increasing my mileage would decrease my miles per run too much.


    If you are doing too much, your body will tell you. First it will be your energy levels and how tired you are. If you don't listen, you'll be dealing with an injury. You haven't talked much of pace. That's a big factor. The phrase you'll see a ton around here is mostly easy, sometimes hard. Easy means you could carry on a conversation while running. Make sure you aren't racing every run. And remember, the way to improve your running is to run. Stairmaster and weights are good for fitness and strength, but they won't improve your runs more than getting out and doing the running.


    NO, I haven't been tracking my runs.  Lately, I have been doing interval running.  I start out on the treadmill around a 5.3 mph pace and then work up to 6.4 mph pace and then drop back down after a few minutes.  I check my heart rate throughout the workout.  Every once in a while I will just try to run a longer run without changing the pace.  I could carry on a conversation at the 5.3 mph pace.

    I guess you could say that I'm not a hard core runner like a lot of people on here.  I am not at the point where i really enjoy it much.  I am interested in building my strength and overall fitness level.  I've noticed as I have gotten older than I have lost muscle mass and endurance.  That is why I am also doing the weights and stairmaster


      I've been disappointed overall with my level of progress the last 9 weeks.  I was able to run for about 30 minutes by the end of the first month, but now I am often very tired after only 20 minutes or so and stop and walk.  I will walk for a while and then run some more and then walk again for about 45 minutes. Today when I started running I felt very fatigued and started walking early.  It makes me feel like I am making no progress.


      So today instead of walking for most of the 45 minutes I switched to the stairmaster machine and did 20 minutes on it and then went to the weights.


      Most likely you're exhausted because you're running at too hard of an intensity, which is fine once in awhile, but not all the time. For almost all your runs, consider running at an intensity at which your breathing is easy and you can actually talk easily. It's best to focus on developing your aerobic system first which is done by running at an intensity at which you are using mostly aerobic muscle fibers. If one were to use a heart rate monitor,  one would want to be running at an aerobic heart rate, looking to get faster at the same heart rate.  This will make it more probable that you won't overtrain and/or develop an injury. Once your body has developed in its own time, and you've become faster at the same level of intensity (same heart rate or breathing), then you'll be ready to introduce hard running. Do some research on developing the aerobic system and endurance, training load (very important) and over training,  and the importance of rest and recovery. Running twice a day is generally something highly advanced and developed runners do when they are trying to run a very high volume of miles. Beginners should most likely avoid the practice.


      Good luck. 


        I followed this advice this morning and ran my longest run yet, 4.9 miles in about 59 minutes on the treadmill.

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          I very rarely run doubles, but sometimes I run in the morning and then go to the gym in the afternoon and do a core/strength workout. (or vice versa)


          A lot of good advice and there’s nothing wrong with being a bit obsessive about something you enjoy! I would also suggest easing up on the lifting/leg exercises/stair master the day before an interval run or longer run. Plan your week better and don’t try to do too much in a single session.

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            I started running about 9 weeks ago.  I work out about 5-6 times a week.  I have never gone running twice a day before.  I am not happy with my work out this morning and did treadmill and then did some stairmaster and then leg weight exercises.  I was thinking about going running again tonight.  Do any of you all do this or is this too much?


            I wouldn't try and make-up for a bad run, we all have them, but remember this. Every time you run, it's like putting money in the bank, once you do it, it is there, period. You may not feel the advantage of it right away, but it will pay dividends in the end. The only exception to this is if you overdo it or over-train. The most important thing to do when running is to be consistent, i.e consistently run, but don't over do it.


            Here are two pretty good videos on running twice a day and over training.